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ASU host inaugural foam themed party

by Kathrine Fernandez - Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 10th 2019 11:00 pm

If you were walking through campus on Saturday, Sept. 7, you probably heard faint music echoing off the buildings. The African Student Union (ASU) kept the spirit of summer alive, turning the campus mall into an impromptu water park complete with an inflatable water slide, dunk tank, water balloons and a foam cannon for its kickoff event. 

ASU’s Foam Party was especially important for the e-board members. President Imani Coaxum encouraged them to make the event their own, departing from previous iterations. 

“With my new e-board they really wanted to do something different this year,” Coaxum said. “We typically do a pool party in Tuttle so I let them take over the creative process for this. I really want them to be able to put in a lot this year and look back on these events and feel proud. A lot of my e-board are younger so I want them to be able to go for positions next year and go off of the experiences they’ve had before.” 

Despite a slow start due to the gloomy weather and technical issues, ASU held strong and created an atmosphere of carefree fun, drawing students in as they traversed the campus. Difficult to resist the allure of buckets of pre-filled water balloons, people quickly formed teams, tossing the balloons at each other and shrieking when they burst. 

Members of ASU took turns in the dunk tank, giving attendees the chance to sink them in the frigid water. DJ Storm played a mix of current hits from artists like Young Thug, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, spuring the crowd on as they danced amidst the mountains of foam shooting from the cannon. 

Reminiscent of summer camp with a fun new twist, students mingled with one another at the refreshment table, sipping Capri Suns and snacking on chips. Many were new to The College at Brockport and this was their introduction to student organizations. Events Coordinator Allyson Baffour Owusu was proud to see partygoers socializing and enjoying themselves. 

“We wanted to make it fun for students so they feel like ‘Oh okay, this is what it’s about,’” Owusu said. “I didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or shy. Playing in the foam, playing with water balloons, the dunk tank, we just wanted everyone to step out of their shell.” 

Kadeem Blackman, a member of the Organization of Students of African Descent (OSAD), stressed the importance of attending these events. 

“I love to come to other organizations’ events and show support,” Blackman said. “There is so much that goes into this process and to see it all come together is amazing. A lot of people come to college and start to take themselves too seriously; it’s important to let loose and have fun while we still can and these events are made with that in mind.” 

There was no shortage of people willing to embrace their inner child as dozens of students took turns clambering up the inflatable slide, laughing and screaming on their way down. That, complete with the field of foam and other attractions, created a space where everyone could be free to rejoice and soak up the sun. 

To see what ASU has planned next, you can go to its myBROCKPORT page. 

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