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Thursday night trivia puts Disney fans to the test

by Kari Ashworth - Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 10th 2019 11:00 pm



 The Brockport Student Government (BSG) held its first trivia night of the semester on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 9 p.m. in the Seymour Student Union Ballroom. 

The small space was packed for the Disney-themed trivia. As students piled into the ballroom, they grabbed vegan pizza and chicken wings provided by Mark’s Pizzeria, pulled out their phones and logged into the Kahoot game.

The night did not need an introduction and began with Thursday night Activities Coordinator Abbie Berl starting the Kahoot and asking the first question, “in Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger?”

Question three was one of the easiest ones of the night, “in the Lion King, where do Mufasa and his family live?” By process of elimination, most were able to choose Pride Rock over Brockport, Parris Island and the Den. 

A few of the questions caused some contention among the group of attendees. Some choose “The Little Mermaid” over “Dumbo” when asked “what is the only Disney film to exist where the main character does not speak.” 

Others were stumped by the question “How many times did Cinderella lose her shoe?” as well as a trick question where all of the answers were very similar regarding the evil queen’s “mirror, mirror” phrase. There was also a slight hiccup in scoring when the wrong answer was selected for what color the character Joy was in “Inside Out.” 

Junior Jasmine Mason attended the event because she thought she was good at Disney trivia. 

“But apparently not,” Mason joked. “I only got in 35th place.”

Nevertheless, Mason enjoyed her time at the event. 

“I liked it; it was fun,” Mason said. “I enjoyed that they had free food, too.”

The free food was a hit among the guests, as it was gone within fifteen minutes. Berl was not expecting the turnout to be so abundant.

“I think 55 people played all the way through, but 60 signed up,” Berl said. “So yeah, I was very surprised by it.”

Berl also mentioned that some people in attendance came for the free food that was provided. 

“Some people just came and got [food],” she said. “I would say about 80 people [attended].”

Junior Lucy Leach came for the trivia, the free food was an added bonus. Leach loves Disney and even came dressed for the part in a themed T-shirt. She was the winner of the $20 Domino’s Pizza gift card. 

“This is the first Disney trivia I’ve actually got to do in a group so it’s been really fun,” Leach said. 

She said she gets competitive, especially when it comes to Disney-themed activities. 

For the next three trivia nights, a lucky winner will receive a similar gift card. There will also be a grand prize at the final trivia night where one winner will receive a pair of Apple AirPods. Berl made clear that missing the first trivia night does not keep someone out of the running for the AirPods, as students who attended Thursday’s game may not attend the other three.

“If someone comes to more trivia nights, but gets like not in the highest [place] each time, and then they could win the most [games], rather than just one person winning,” Berl explained.

For more events like Disney-themed trivia, you can visit BSG’s page on myBROCKPORT to see the schedule.

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