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"BEGINNINGS" girl in red

by Marios Argitis - Photo Editor
Tue, Sep 10th 2019 11:00 pm



 Upon its initial discovery, “BEGINNINGS” can only be described as a needle in a haystack or a hidden gem, filled with fun and sadness that revolves around cheesy teenage angst. Norwegian bedroom pop artist, girl in red, makes her statement into the musical world with her debut album, “BEGINNINGS,” a collection of previously released EPs put into a more formal arrangement. With sheer honesty and cleverness, the album does not fail to impress. 

We are introduced to the album with the single, “i wanna be your girlfriend,” a sentimental yet honest song about revealing your feelings to someone. The tender and crisp guitar riffs make the song a great first impression for the record. 

Toward the middle of the album, there are tracks that really make the audience question the fame of this artist, how has she not been discovered? Songs such as “4am,” my personal favorite, brings a numbing but enjoyable feeling to my ears, talking about how common it is to overthink and how it can get the better of us. The song really puts you in a state of mind that makes you want to run away from your thoughts, as if they never existed. The track “girls” reveals the sexuality of the artist while also tackling the struggle of loving someone of the same gender. 

The second half of the album continues the theme of expelling thoughts and taking time to do some thinking during a period of emotional chaos. The seventh track of the album, “i need to be alone” is an easy listen that talks about self dissatisfaction. The song is filled with restlessness from the artist about herself and how she is not happy with the way she embarks on life. Lyrics such as “I’m wasting my life on pointless things/ I sometimes think ‘When does life begin,’” shows the others inner torture the artist and experience. 

The eighth song of the album “dead girl in the pool” is a bright, up-tempo song that screams desperation. The happy and positive sound is met with sad and dark lyrics which discuss suffering with anxiety. This track is one of the most memorable from the album. 

The album concludes with the artist’s most recent song, “bad idea!” that talks about being emotionally consumed by another person. The song has a fast tempo paired with vulnerable vocals that resemble self-regret. The song references other songs such as “girls,” “say anything” and “I need to be alone” making the haunting effects of emotions very clear and relatable. 

Overall, the debut album encapsulates the suffocating reality that is the mind. “BEGINNINGS” is a catchy and happy, but also sad and depressing album, similar to some of our own thoughts. 


5/5 Stars

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