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"So Much Fun" Young Thug

by Zach Wagner - Staff Writer
Tue, Sep 10th 2019 11:00 pm



 Over the last half-decade, Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug has been a key figure in the new age culture of hip-hop. His unique flow and odd sense of style has been used as a blueprint for many up-and-coming artists in recent years. On his latest project “So Much Fun,” Young Thug reminds listeners why he is such a well known rapper. 

In the past, Young Thug has been known for his underwhelming performances on his commercial releases. With a lot to prove, he recruited some of music’s biggest names, collaborating with artists like J. Cole, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Gunna and Future to put together a 19 track masterpiece. In this project, Young Thug covers all the bases of trap music expanding the genre through his innovative style. 

The introduction track “Just How It Is” kicks the album off with a melancholy vibe. Young Thug discusses his journey to this point singing “I done did the robbin’/ I done the jackin’/ now I’m full rappin’.” The track gives the project a victory lap feel, setting a strong tone. This track was memorable because of how good it sounded overall and might be one of Young Thug’s best introduction tracks. 

The second track titled “Sup Mate” featuring rapper Future showcases Young Thug’s veteran versatility. The upbeat club-style track is full of ignorance. “What’s up mate/ Got cake mate/ Got cheese mate/ Got bread mate” Future contributes to the chorus of the song. The song is not among my favorites but is memorable due to how fast the style of music was changed between tracks. I also believe this is a type of song a lot of hip-hop fans enjoy and look from the Atlanta area. 

The main standout for myself would have to be the fourth track “Hot” featuring Gunna. Gunna comes with his classic fast-paced flow as he starts the track rapping “Everything litty I love when it’s hot/ Turn up the city I broke off the notch.” Young Thug comes through with a different approach belting his verse with a sense of desperation. 

“I’m Scared” featuring 21 Savage and Doe Boy exemplified the trademark Atlanta sound that fans look for. The fun beat, mixed with catchy ad-libs and a hybrid flow is a great tune to enjoy in any setting. The feature from 21 Savage was one of his strongest in recent memory and the Doe Boy verse was shockingly memorable. 

“The London” featuring Travis Scott and J.Cole was used as the outro for the project. This track was used as the lead single for the album and did well on the charts, giving Young Thug his first Billboard number one as the lead artist. Despite the song’s popularity, I was not a big fan of the summer 2019 anthem. For having that much star power on one track, it was quite underwhelming. 

Overall this was a great project from Young Thug, his best in my opinion. When I first found out about the album, I was not looking forward to it much at all. After my first listen, I was sold on Thug’s new sound. 


4.5/5 Stars

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