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What lies inside the restricted Area 51

by Christopher Suarez - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, May 7th 2019 10:00 pm
top secret The location of Area 51 near Las Vegas, Nevada has been the target of many conspiracies for years. The nearest point of entrance available by car is accompanied by a restricted area sign.
top secret The location of Area 51 near Las Vegas, Nevada has been the target of many conspiracies for years. The nearest point of entrance available by car is accompanied by a restricted area sign.

What lies behind United States’ most secretive military base, Area 51 is a question most Americans have been asking themselves for years. The peculiarity of its remote location and tight restriction to the public has increased curiosity over the decades.

The absence of tangible evidence that would prove Area 51’s existence has made it easy for the U.S. government to deny any activity that ever took place there and that it’s real. Out of various conspiracies that have surfaced with time, the most popular is that the U.S. government has and still uses Area 51 to experiment with extraterrestrial life and their spaceships.

One might be able to see the complex’s buildings through satellite images, particularly on Google, yet they do not appear on government maps. The base is located in the middle of the desert in southern Nevada, approximately 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas. 

Originally, the name “Area 51” did not surface until 1951, which is the year that the black operations, covert missions that are carried out by government agencies, military units or a paramilitary organization, are believed to have begun. According to the New York Post, Area 51 was renamed in 2008. It was revealed to the public via navigation software as Homey Airport in order to avoid collisions from private airstrips. In recent times, more information about Area 51 has surfaced, but that still does not take away from its mysteriousness. 

In past years, the CIA, U.S. Air Force and aerospace company Lockheed Martin have used Area 51 to conduct test flights of experimental airships. History.com records that, “according to documents declassified in 2007, in the 1950s and 1960s, Area 51 was home to a top-secret Cold War-era program known as Oxcart, which aimed to develop a spy plane that would be undetectable in the air and could be used for information gathering missions behind the Iron Curtain.” These documents have made it easy for individuals to debunk the conspiracy in regards to extraterrestrial life on earth.

The shape of Oxcart’s plane was disk-like and resembled what is known as a flying saucer when flying in the air. Due to its high velocity, the aircraft would reflect the sun’s light causing anyone looking up into the sky to think it was a UFO. 

Tests were ran frequently until the program was retired in 1968. Regardless, there is also substantial evidence to prove the area is still suspicious in nature and that the U.S. government is hiding information that can be scandalous to the public.

Walter S. Kasza was survived by his wife, Stella Kasza, who now lives on to speak about her husband’s death in relation to Area 51. Mr. Kasza was a sheet metal worker who happened to work for a defense contractor for an Air Force base in Nevada. For years, Kasza dealt with health complications that doctors could not determine the cause for. 

Kasza’s guts ached, skin cracked and bled for years until he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and died in 1995. Like Kasza, 51 other men who worked at the base experienced the same symptoms. The Washington Post stated that “men who worked there from the late 1970s into the early 1990s say that inhaling the smoke resulted in persistent respiratory distress, cancers and strange rashes.” The fumes that affected the men were found to be toxins rarely seen in humans through biopsies. 

After filing a lawsuit against the U.S. government back when Bill Clinton was president, Clinton did not assume responsibility for Kasza’s case and instead said that the possible evidence related to his case was top-secret and unable to be disclosed. 

Stories similar to Mr. Kasza’s further support the conspiracies that the U.S. government uses this site to experiment with extraterrestrials. If Area 51 as the world knows it was simply an Air Force Base, why does its functionality have to remain classified? 

The United States definitely has some skeletons in the closet and as much as individuals might try to turn these conspiracies into facts, it would be almost impossible. When inserting Area 51 into a web search, the location is labeled as permanently closed. 

Nevertheless, it is strange that a permanently closed location would need guards to ensure that people stay away and underground motion sensors to detect any nearby intruders. For all we know, what remains behind the gates of Area 51 may or may not be what most individuals have conspired. 

The idea of having UFOs and aliens on earth sounds pretty cool, yet it is highly unlikely that the United States will ever admit its involvement with them.

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