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Hidden societies secretly controlling the world

by Margaret Stewart - News Editor
Tue, May 7th 2019 10:00 pm
private power Conspirators  believe that groups like the Illuminati, freemasons, Skulls and Bones and Rosicrucianism are all part of a bigger society which controls the world.
private power Conspirators believe that groups like the Illuminati, freemasons, Skulls and Bones and Rosicrucianism are all part of a bigger society which controls the world.

For centuries, the world has been obsessed with the unknown. From pointing a telescope at the stars and learning about the universe to unveiling secret organizations, mystery has always been attractive.

With the “secret” hideouts we made as children to “Pretty Little Liars,” a show centered around “got a secret, can you keep it,” as kids got older, secrets became something of importance and backyard clubs turned to secret societies. 

One of those societies is the freemasons.

For many, the first time they were exposed to the freemasons and the Knights Templar was through Nicholas Cage’s “National Treasure” released in 2004. While the movie is fiction, the history behind the freemasons is anything but.

The masons are a band of brothers, as the group is open to men only. According to Britannica, in the early 21st century, membership rose from 2 million to over 6 million. 

Originating from stonemasons of the Middle Ages, the masons accepted honorary members due to their declining numbers. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the group began adopting traditions and rites similar to that of religious orders and in 1717, England became home to the first Grand Lodge.

The freemasons have chapters all over the United States, with a chapter as close as in Spencerport, NY. Local ties persist as in 1826 a Batavia native went missing, seemingly because of his connection to the freemasons. 

According to The History Channel, a stoneworker by the name of William Morgan went missing from the local jail on the morning of September 12. 

In Andrew Burt’s “American Hysteria: The Untold Story of Mass Political Extremism in the United States,” Burt said Morgan “had moved his family relentlessly throughout the countryside, hauling his wife, Lucinda, and two young children from one failed venture to the next.”

As the story goes, Morgan was more than he appeared to be as he had also managed to infiltrate the freemasons and was threatening to publish a book exposing the organization. After being held in prison, Morgan was bailed out by a group of masons and carried away, never to be seen again. 

Another secret society, that really isn’t all that secret, is the Illuminati. Known by conspirators as an all powerful organization made up of “woke” celebrities such as Beyonce, Madonna and Katy Perry, the Illuminati has been accused of secretly controlling the entire modern world.

Some believe that, unlike the freemasons, the Illuminati have been around since the beginning of time. People believe their insignia can be seen in the Pyramids of Egypt, the All Seeing Eye on the United States one dollar bill and that their leaders are actually lizard people hailing from a time before men existed. 

Others believe the Illuminati was founded by a Bavarian by the name of Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. As legend goes, Weishaupt couldn’t afford the admission fee required to join the freemasons so he created The Order of the Illuminati.

The Order grew from a measly five members to thousands until secret societies were made punishable by death in Bavaria and it was “disbanded.”  

According to The Guardian, in February 2018 former Canadian minister of defense Paul Hellyer blamed the Illuminati for suppressing technology brought to Earth by aliens. Allegedly, the technology could be used to eliminate society’s reliance on fossil fuels.

The goal is to create a “New World Order” wherein a group of elites will rule and nation states would no longer exist. Furthermore, The Order vehemently fights against fake news and argue that people should question and be critical of the media they consume. 

Basically, there are many secret societies, some more secret than others, that alter the way that many interpret “reality.” We may never know if the societies exist, but there seems to be surmounting evidence to suggest that they do.


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