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Conspiracies surrounding Brockport's campus and beyond

by The Stylus
Tue, May 7th 2019 10:05 pm
not what it seems Conspiracies are growing in popularity as people from around the world are starting to believe theories more and more. Here at The College at Brockport, many conspiracies loom in the shadows as buildings like Hartwell and Holmes seem to house some major secrets.
not what it seems Conspiracies are growing in popularity as people from around the world are starting to believe theories more and more. Here at The College at Brockport, many conspiracies loom in the shadows as buildings like Hartwell and Holmes seem to house some major secrets.

If there is anything college students consume more than greasy food, it is conspiracy theories. That is why our usual Campus Talk section has been changed this week to be Campus Conspiracies, and therefore will focus on different bizarre beliefs.

That being said, we also wanted to give the various rumors and lore of Brockport a spotlight. Without further ado, the following are some of the most prominent or strangest tall tales of The College at Brockport.

1. The ghost of Hartwell

The most obvious and well-known conspiracy theory of Brockport is that Hartwell Hall is haunted. As for who exactly the ghost is, the theories vary. Some believe the ghost was a janitor, while others believe it was a past student. Some even think that both ghosts haunt the hallways of the academic building.

Brockport legend says that if you explore Hartwell late at night, you might get a chance to see one of the ghosts there with you. Allegedly, the ghosts are friendly, with some even believing that one of the ghosts saved the life of a man working in the building who fell off a ladder. But you can never be too cautious when the paranormal is involved.

2. The fountain ghost

Staying on the topic of ghosts, many people believe that the fountain located in front of Liberal Arts Building is also haunted. Allegedly, a ghost appears in the middle of the fountain late at night. While less is known about this ghost, as the tale isn’t as popular, there is no doubt that walking past the fountain alone at night will send a shiver down your spine.

3. Zombie deer in Brockport

Headlines were made earlier this year when scientists confirmed there is a zombie-like disease in multiple deer populations across the United States. With the large number of deer here in Brockport, it comes as no surprise people are starting to believe that the local deer have been turned into zombies as well. 

While there is no evidence to support that claim, it doesn’t bode well when you are driving through the campus at night and see the warm-up soccer field filled with over 30 deer. That being said, there is also no evidence that the disease is contagious to humans, so we are all safe for now.

4. Albino squirrels for good luck

On a brighter note, one of the other major conspiracies in Brockport is that of the albino squirrels on campus. Roughly three different albino squirrels call the trees on campus their home, and lore claims that seeing them can bring great luck to the viewer. 

Some believe you will get $5 after seeing one of the squirrels, while others believe it’s just a general sign of good fortune to come your way. Many students credit seeing an albino squirrel with good grades for that semester, even potentially a 4.0 GPA.

5. Controlling the squirrel population

There seem to be nearly as many squirrels on Brockport’s campus as there are students. That is why some believe there is an effort to control the squirrel population via poisoned nuts placed throughout the grounds. 

While it is under question who exactly is placing the poisoned nuts, many blame the administration. The theory is that they want to control the squirrel population so it doesn’t get out of hand, and so pest control will not have to become involved. While there is no evidence to support this theory, you may want to throw your tiny furry friends an extra French fry or two.

6. Ellsworth is real

One of the most unsettling theories on this list is that Ellsworth isn’t just a costume worn by Brockport Student Government students. Some theorize that Ellsworth is actually real, and it’s not a costume at all. People walking around in giant suits is scary enough as is, but imagining a sentient costume is next level freaky. This “real” Ellsworth has an insane love of the college, and the administration allegedly pays him a good amount of money for all the events he attends. 

7. Radiation monkey labs in Holmes

One of the strangest theories on this list, many faculty and students alike believe that underneath Holmes Hall, the college keeps a dark secret from their past hidden. Allegedly, Holmes used to be a science building many years ago, where experiments would be conducted on monkeys. These experiments would include radiation testing. While this might sound incredibly unrealistic to some, there are people on the campus who wholeheartedly believe this theory to be true.

8. Dead cows in the canal

This theory isn’t necessarily campus specific, but it affects a large area surrounding the village. People believe that farmers used to get rid of their dead cows’ bodies by leaving them in the canal. People from Brockport to Spencerport and down the canal have reported jumping into the waters only to find themselves surrounded by decomposing cow parts. No one has proven this theory as of now, but it’s also one of the only beliefs on this list that has been backed up by multiple testimonies. 

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