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Horoscopes of The Stylus

by The Staff of the Stylus
Tue, May 7th 2019 07:00 pm

If your name is Chris, the month ahead will be full of surprises. Be wary of those asking more of you than you are able to give, and focus on yourself throughout the beginning of the month. Stress early on will make you want to lose sight of your goals. Remain strong throughout and you will see a change in fortune halfway through. Unforeseen news will shake up your month, possibly your whole year. Count your lucky stars and hold on tight – many will wish they could share in your good fortune. The end of the month will depend on how you handle the new adventure. The stars are cloudy, as your mind will be. See through the clutter and keep a solid wit about you and your month should round out on a high note.


If your name is Brianna, take time out of your busy schedule this week to decompress. In the Celtic definition of the name, Brianna means strong and as such you tend to internalize stress, allowing it to fester until you lash out on those close to you. Channel this built up tension into productive energy and kick start a new hobby or renew your passion for an old one. Ever the ambitious type, Briannas often hold themselves to an impossible standard. Instead of scolding yourself for not achieving a goal, celebrate your small triumphs and stay positive. With Mercury entering your friendship sector this week, turn to close friends to vent and purge all negative energy to make room for love. This change in perspective will alter the course of your month and lead you down a path to personal and professional success.


If your name is Panagiotis, the month ahead will be something you can look forward to. At first you will find stress, but you will come out on top, channeling emotions into motivation for the end of your trouble. The goals that you have set for yourself will be met and you will be overjoyed. The end of the month will bring both release but also sadness. Unforeseen news may change the path that you have chosen, giving more options to better your future. The choice for the new path will be all yours, but be wary of the decisions that you make. The stars show each path you pick will only help strengthen you, with minor bumps in the road. In the future, people will finally be able to pronounce your name right.



If your name is Bridgette, expect a fair amount of excitement this coming month. A special someone will come into your life and you will experience great joy as a result. The project you are working on will take off in the coming month and you will achieve great success. Your workload will increase tremendously, but the end result will be worth the extra effort. A small windfall of money will also occur, but few will spend it wisely. Anticipate a curveball to be thrown your way and plan accordingly. Ultimately, you will have good fortune throughout the next month.


If your name is Katherine, you will have a busy month ahead. The arrival of warm weather will see things heat up in your love life. The beginning of the month will prove to be overwhelming while your stress will dwindle as the days get warmer. Now is not the time for surprises; your spontaneous friends won’t be able to help themselves and will pressure you into some last minute adventures. While they will be fun, they could set you behind schedule. Hold strong to your own plans early on and you will have your tasks accomplished in no time. As the month closes out, it will be the perfect opportunity to start saying yes to more experiences. 



If your name is Courtney, you should probably head to the closest CVS or any other pharmacy in relative distance and stock up on any cold medicine you can get your hands on. You have been eluding your fate for the entirety of the past few months, however, everyone’s luck eventually runs out. The previous stretch of happy days, full of mucus-free mornings is now over and unfortunately for you, it’s time to pay your dues, just like everyone else. On the bright side, you can enjoy the next couple of sick-free hours, until they all come crashing down to a destruction of your immune system that will have you out of commision for a couple of sleepless nights. 



If your name is Kari, this month will be filled with happiness. As the weather changes, so will your schedule. From spending immense amounts of time in class to spending time with friends, your stress will slowly begin to melt away. Don’t forget to take time out of your day to appreciate the little things: a blue sky, a good book or the end of finals. Take time for yourself this month. Your future will be very eventful and full of surprises. You will be able to achieve many of your goals and fulfill many of your aspirations. The years to come will bring happiness and sadness, triumph and faliure, but do not let that slow you down because everthing will work out in the end.



If your name is Margaret, be ready for a soothing transition into summer. The numerous months of hard work and determination will soon become a distant memory as the warmer days ease the stress of future plans. Your friends and family will want to take advantage of your returned presence, but other, more favorable plans will consume your time. Expect to take a road you’ve never taken to places that are unfamiliar. Your travels will prove to be beneficial on a subliminal level and lead you in the right direction for the duration of summer.


If your name is Carson, prepare for a month filled with earned blessings. Nothing will come easy for you this month as you will have to work extra hard for all of the things you want. If you choose not to put in the work prepare for a month with a lot of missed opportunities and minimal blessings. But if you choose to put the work in, you will see major reward within yourself and within other people surrounding you. Maintain the same work ethic throughout and you will see all the hard work pan out.


If your name is Shelby, expect a much needed break to come sooner than you thought. We know you have been working hard, but don’t give up. Along with that break, a big reward will follow. Though the reward will not be great, it is something you have wanted for a long time. Be more open to suggestion when it is put in your path. No one ever made it anywhere staying the same. A lot of your old friends will fall out of your life because they feel you have changed, but don’t get upset. You are morphing into a better version of yourself; better friends will come along the way.

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