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"In The End" The Cranberries

by Catherine Mattis - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Apr 30th 2019 09:00 pm

The Cranberries’ new album “In the End” features vocals from late singer Dolores O’Riordan, who passed on January 15, 2018. Although the original message of this album is moving on from your past, it becomes hauntingly beautiful when you go into this album with the mindset of it being the band’s final goodbye to O’Riordan. “In the End” is the eighth album by The Cranberries and was released on Friday, April 26.

Throughout the album, you can hear the hope O’Riordan conveys in her voice, despite sounding worn out by her past. This album includes 11 tracks, including previously released singles “All Over Now” and “In the End.” 

The album captures the typical angst The Cranberries always bring to its music. “In the End” is a great album if you’re relaxing and thinking about life. Songs like “The Pressure” and “Crazy Heart” add a jolt of upbeat sound to the album. 

“All Over Now” starts the album off with a solid beat and establishes the theme of getting away from the past. Using a fast, upbeat song is like a welcome to the journey you’re about to go on with this album. I would recommend sitting and listening to this whole album all in one sitting because the songs flow well together. 

Toward the end of the album, there is a song titled “Summer Song” that creates an image of being with a loved one on a beautiful summer day. This song diverges from its classic style a bit more than any of the others. The Cranberries fall into the category of alternative/rock, but this track starts to lean into a more pop music sound. With lyrics like, “You are my everything/ The song that I might sing,” it has potential to become a song that a lot of couples deem “their song.” 

If I had to predict what song was going to chart next from this album, I would bet on “Got It.” This song is a classic coming-of-age song, exemplifying the message of the album: moving away from the past. This song talks about society and not knowing where to go which are both messages that can relate to any listener. If you were interested in listening to just one song from this album, I would recommend  “Got It.” 

Overall for a rating, I think this album broke the scale and I would give it a six out of five stars. The Cranberries did an amazing job illustrating the message they were trying to create and the finished product with O’Riordan’s voice in it is a moving work of art that could not be replicated by any other current artist. 

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