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"Doom Days" Bastille

by Marios Argitis - Photo Editor
Tue, Apr 30th 2019 09:00 pm

Bastille braces its fans for its third studio album rumored to release in late August with the release of the album’s titular track “Doom Days.” 

The song delivers an earnest and intensely-driven sound that does not fail to grasp the listener’s attention. The messages the song portrayed touch on a direct concern for the addictions and anxieties that are present in the modern world. The single is an embodiment of escapism from the habits that have engulfed almost all sections of modern life such as phone use, social media and climate change denial. Overall, the single reminds the audience of the musical powerhouse that is Bastille and presents possible themes for its upcoming album.

The song, along with a music video, was released on Thursday, April 25. The song was presented with the band’s famous triangle logo, shown in red but more fragmented than its previous iterations, almost representing a digital number. Bastille’s previous records “Bad Blood” and “Wild World” had a more defined version of its logo, with “Doom Days” representing change. This small change in the band’s tradition touches on the new era that Bastille is undertaking on the road to its new album. 

“Doom Days” is intense, grabbing the listener immediately with its heavy but true sound. The song starts off with a soft guitar rhythm joined with soft, inaudible chants. 

Then lead singer Dan Smith begins to progressively explain the hopeless state of our world in an urgent and significant manner. The heavy vocals of the song pay homage to Bastille’s old work, reminiscing on previous tracks such as “Pompeii” and “Glory.” The pace of “Doom Days” picks up at the end of every sentence, making the song more chaotic and explosive with every lyric. The singer chooses escapism as their ally, rambling about what is wrong with the world in hopes of coming to a realization towards change and action. 

As the song succeeds in bringing attention toward the chaotic state of our world, the lyrics expand on this idea as well. The track details the many issues that haunt our world such as technology, climate change denial and social media. 

The song provides truth through lyrics such as “We’ll stay offline so no one gets hurt/ Hiding from the real world/ Just don’t read the comments ever, ever” also with the lyrics, “We f****d this house up like the planet/ Crazy people still deny it.” The serious tone that is portrayed throughout the song is very effective in adapting the significance of the song toward the realization and reflection upon the state of our world. 

It is evident that Bastille is a very honest music group, one that stays true with its motives and musical art. I am excited to see what the album will have to offer after listening to the addicting teaser for the album that will be “Doom Days.” Through the song, Bastille has warned us that the doom days are coming and there is a limited time until we have any opportunity at escaping our anxieties. 

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