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"Ghetto Baby" Kevin Abstract

by Vinny Croce - Staff Photographer
Tue, Apr 23rd 2019 11:00 pm

Ian Simpson, otherwise known by his preferred name and musical alias, Kevin Abstract, has dropped his extremely cryptic EP, “Ghettobaby,” the second portion of his soon-to-come untitled final project.

Kevin Abstract, a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper and filmmaker from Corpus Christi, Texas is a well-established, openly gay musician who has had a profound impact on the hip-hop genre over the past few years.

Abstract started music in high school, creating beats with his friends at recess, and later forming his own boyband alongside some of those same high school friends. 

That boyband, Brockhampton was created on a Kanye West forum on Reddit, Abstract called out into the void for anyone who wanted to collaborate and create a band. Complete with musicians, producers, videographers, photographers, managers and a whole host of other roles, Abstract is the creative glue which holds everything together to work in harmony. With hit songs such as “STAR,” “GOLD,” “SWEET” and “BLEACH,” Brockhampton is a rising group signed under RCA records, looking to make music for those who truly feel like they don’t fit in. 

Apart from Brockhampton, Abstract has a solid amount of solo work to add to his repertoire. As Brockhampton is more rap focused, most of Abstract’s solo music is a form of rap mixed with indie rock. His first album, released in 2014, titled “MTV1987” is what put him on the map. Next, Abstract released “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story,” a summer-themed album speaking on the hardships of being openly gay in this world, fitting in and the reactions of others to him and his music; this is the album that gained him a number of fans.

Having to overcome many homophobic people and situations to get where he is now, “Ghettobaby” speaks on his journey to fame and how he is dealing with it. Being released in surges of three songs per week, Abstract has released six songs, all with a different sound, energy and feel.

Last week, his mini EP/Single titled “ARIZONA baby” uncovered songs such as “Big Wheels,” “Joy Ride” and “Georgia.” As “Georgia” speaks on a reminiscent past summer, the other two tracks are more upbeat, positive tracks. This week, he revealed tracks like “Corpus Christi,” “Mississippi” and “Baby Boy,” which was accompanied by a music video on YouTube. Unlike “ARIZONA baby,” these are all slower, sad songs that deal with insecurities and doubt.

Abstract has stated on Twitter, his social media platform of choice, that each song has a meaning, which when put together tell a story. A main theme that arises in the songs is “The 1-9-9-9 is coming.” Cryptic, but a possible album or separate project name.

Kevin Abstract is in full work mode, creating for his solo career as well as working collectively on a new Brockhampton record.

Following the ambiguous pattern Abstract has laid out, we can expect more music soon, whether that be another EP or an album on Thursday, April 25.

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