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BSG closes Spring Fest with a Silent Disco

by Brianna Bush - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Apr 23rd 2019 10:00 pm



To finish off the much anticipated Spring Fest, the Brockport Student Government (BSG) will be holding its bi-yearly Silent Disco on Saturday, April 27, at the Campus Mall. 

According to BSG Communication Coordinator Vinny Croce, last semester’s  “Silent Disco” may have been the first, but the idea of the dance event has been circulating for a few years. 

Like the previous semester’s “Silent Disco,” there will be three DJs running three separate stations. Returning to Brockport’s “Silent Disco” are DJ Garrett, DJ Negative Zero and DJ Buffalo Lil, who also works for WAER radio station in Syracuse, New York. 

Unlike last semester, where the event was held in the Seymour College Union Ballroom, the event will be set up on the Campus Mall and will start after the end of Eagle Day festivities, according to Activities Director Pamela Fenton.

BSG will be acquiring the headphones and other equipment from a local establishment, Silent Disco by In Your Ears Events. The website has plethora of information about silent discos and other services that it provides. The company is run out of Buffalo, New York and caters to many different organizations and parties, such as birthdays, work functions, fundraisers and college events.

For those who didn’t know what a silent disco was, the website gave a brief description.

“Silent Disco is an event where people dance and listen to any type of audio on wireless headphones, rather than using a speaker system,” according to silentdiscobuffalo.com. “All of the audio is broadcasted using radio transmitters with the radio being picked up through the wireless headphones worn by the participants.”

The headphones allow students to listen to what they want while their friends can listen to a completely different station. An onlooker could see participants swaying to a slow song while others are bopping to a faster tempo song. 

The DJ booths are represented by three different colors that can correspond to the headphones that a student will wear. The colors will be red, blue and green, so when looking around at your fellow silent dancers, keep an eye out for what station they are listening to.

In relation to it being on the same day as Eagle Day, Prevention and Outreach Services (POS) will be providing party smart tips and water at the event. POS’ mission is to make sure that all students feel safe on campus and that they know there is a group that will provide assistance to any on or off campus conflicts.

On POS’ myBROCKPORT page, it reads that its mission is to “Make Healthy Contagious.” That is what it plans to complete Saturday night, and it will be reminding students to make safe choices throughout the weekend.

As the semester draws to an end, BSG and other campus clubs and organizations plan to hold significant events to celebrate the end of the semester.

 Students can keep an eye out for events like this on myBROCKPORT, as well as any of the clubs/organizations social media.


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