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Euroism, Real Politik offers a Taste of Europe

by Shelby Toth - Executive Editor
Tue, Apr 23rd 2019 10:00 pm
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The College at Brockport students were offered a European-style snack time on Thursday, April 18. Eurosim Club and the Political Science/Pre-Law Club, also known as Real Politik, collaborated to host the event in Union Room 220.

 Treasurer of Eurosim Lizzie Allen, a transfer student from Brunel University London, was in charge of planning the event, and explained that all of the food came from the International aisle at Wegman’s.

 “We thought it would be fun to have an event, and everyone likes free food,” Allen said. “We figured we’d go and get some European food, have a big spread and have a good time… lots of other clubs have done a Taste of Europe, but we have quite a big budget and thought we could go all out, so we did.” 

The clubs had six types of cheese, bread, crackers, salami and other different types of meat, cookies, chocolates, biscuits and other “generally European” food. Hot water was made in an electric kettle during the event, and Allen came around, offering the attendees hot tea.

 The tables were set up in a u-shaped pattern, with almost every seat full. Students spoke among themselves, between those they knew and who they had never met before, about the food and the clubs.

 After all the students had sat down and started on their plates of food, a game of Kahoot began. The game consisted of 30 questions, all identifying a European country on a map. By question 10 all those playing had realized that every answer was red, and it became a race to press the answer first rather than a battle of wits. The winner used the nickname “Biscoff Butter” for the game and won the remainder of the jar of Biscoff cookie butter from the event. 

The event was the third in a series of three collaborations between Eurosim and Real Politik, and acted as a way to increase recognition of both clubs on campus, according to Eurosim President Jacob Petote.

 “Basically we wanted to promote Eurosim’s name and recognition on campus,” Petote said. “Not a lot of people know this club exists if you’re not in political science or international studies departments, but we think it’s a great club and we want people to know. Lizzie and Sarah had the idea of doing co-events with Real Politik to raise the clubs’ names and do fun events like this where it doesn’t just have to be about European politics, which I think is a bad entrance for people to go in.”

 Member of Real Politik Jason Mitchell also elaborated on the opportunity the event created for both clubs. 

“[This event] is mainly to be a bridge to recruiting for both clubs, getting membership up and getting more cohesion between the groups,” Mitchell said. “I know for a fact they are wanting more people to join Eurosim, and if you’re not political science that can be kind of an intimidating thing to do.”

 According to Mitchell, Real Politik is not sure if it will host another event this semester. The club is currently debating holding a “Game of Thrones” themed event, but no definite plan is in place as of now.

 As for Eurosim, Petote explained that the club will more than likely hold an end of year event for the members of the club, but Taste of Europe marked the last open event for non-member students for the semester.

 Though she will be returning to England, Allen encouraged any student interested in Eurosim to join the club next semester.

 “[Eurosim] is such an interesting club,” Allen said. “I think another member described it as ‘Brockport’s best kept secret’, because it’s so interesting and you learn so much about the European Union, so much about Europe as a whole, so much about politics and how everything works and it’s a great way to meet new people, plus you could get to study abroad.”

 Any student interested in joining Eurosim or Real Politik is able to contact the clubs through its myBROCKPORT pages. 


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