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"WrestleMania 35" World Wrestling Entertainment

by Kadeem Blackman - Contributing Writer
Wed, Apr 17th 2019 02:00 pm

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) presented its biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 35, on April 7, 2019, live from Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. The event is always the company’s most lavish, featuring extravagant stages, elaborate outfits and the most important storyline-based confrontations of the year. 

While WrestleMania is always the year’s biggest show, this year’s was one of the most significant in the company’s history. For the first time ever, women competitors performed in the main event. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion-turned-pro-wrestler, Ronda Rousey faced Charlotte Flair (daughter of the legendary Ric Flair) and fan favorite Becky Lynch in a triple threat match for both women’s championships. Rousey’s celebrity definitely contributed to the women’s division earning this opportunity, however, Lynch propelled the division into the main event. Lynch was the most popular character heading into the show, piquing the most interest due to her brash and rebellious personality.

Though the moment was historic, the match itself wasn’t as great as many had hoped. It was not a bad match, but since it went last on a five hour show, the audience was fatigued and the performers seemed to be rushing which caused some mistakes. Lynch won the match which was a wise decision because it sent the audience home happy. 

Another historic moment was Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Men’s Championship from Daniel Bryan. Kingston’s win is significant because he became the first African-born person to become a WWE Champion. Over the past few years, WWE has made efforts toward inclusion which is great due to the broadness and diversity of its fan-base and how it positively changes the perception of the historically controversial brand. 

Kingston verses Bryan was arguably the best match of the night and was the emotional climax of the show. I, like many fans, was expecting a betrayal after the match by Kingston’s teammates who were ringside. Thankfully, there was no betrayal and Kingston was able to celebrate with his children inside the ring. It’s also notable that Bryan, one of the most beloved performers of this decade, played an excellent villain having the audience 100 percent behind his opponent. 

A match that exceeded expectations was a grudge match between Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Shane McMahon. Both men aren’t known for their technical prowess, but they created an entertaining brawl which ended with both men falling from a 15-foot stage. 

WrestleMania 35 was an amazing show featuring many feel-good moments and unexpected victories such as Seth Rollins defeating Brock Lesnar in under three minutes for the “Universal Championship.” While that match was short, WrestleMania’s length is the biggest detriment to enjoying the show. The show was five and a half hours long, not including the pre-show, which gets tiring trying to watch in one sitting. WWE needs to cut down on the event’s run-time because fans lose interest and tune out during the later matches.

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