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"Free Spirit" Khalid

by Taylor Inman - 89.1 The Point
Wed, Apr 17th 2019 02:00 pm

“Free Spirit” is Khalid’s third album, and his popularity just won’t slow down. His debut album “American Teen” was released in 2017 and people became infatuated by his unique voice and perfectly crafted lyrics. The content of his songs doesn’t differentiate too much from one another, being that the majority are concentrated on love. 

The ability of Khalid to stay out of the norms and not fit into just one category is a rarity in the music industry. As a whole Khalid is genreless, but soulful and relatable to the current generation of sad teenagers: the perfect breakup remedy. There was a lot of hype behind “Free Spirit,” and I believe that it has lived up to those expectations, but also let them down in certain aspects. 

The album starts off with “Intro” which begins with some naturistic vibes and slow but rising beats. The breezy outdoor sounds compliment the album’s title, “Free Spirit.” Khalid’s soothing voice eases in and fills any void that might be missing. This artist’s music has grown with his age as he dives in deeper to the truths of heartbreak. “That’s the difference between heaven and hell/ I feel like heaven when you’re here with me/ I feel like hell every time you leave.” This strong comparison leaves the listener thinking back to that one person in their own lives. Khalid is able to relate to his listeners by tugging on heartstrings with his descriptions of hard-to-explain feelings. 

“Bad Luck” starts off with some light guitar strings but escalates with percussion going into the chorus. This song is all about good intentions but unfortunate taste in lovers. The soulful mix of pop and contemporary R&B makes it just another sad love song. Fortunately, Khalid is able to achieve having a little diversity to the content of his songs due to the uniqueness of his sound. “Bad Luck” is a catchy tune with the right lyrics, so there is huge potential for it to reach the top of the charts.   

One of the most popular songs, “Saturday Nights” rings true for most young lovers, with  the chorus saying “All the things that I know, that your parents don’t/ They don’t care like I do.” In today’s society, where teenagers rely so much on their lover for support that they need, young love always feels like it will be your soulmate and that they know you best. This guitar-heavy song easily captivates the listener’s attention because of the truthfully spoken lyrics. The song is Khalid’s take on young love maturing into something deeper. 

Overall, this is not a bad album but the songs seem to blur together in sound as well as topic. After the release of “American Teen,” Khalid is trying to fulfill the high expectations surrounding him. “Free Spirit” captures Khalid’s emotions but lacks variety from song to song. Regardless, Khalid’s voice and unique sounds allow him to stand out in the music industry, and there is no doubt that his popularity will continue to rise. 


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