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Marketing club showcases Brockport students' talents

by Margaret Stewart - News Editor
Wed, Apr 17th 2019 01:00 pm



Marketing Club is holding one of The College at Brockport’s first ever student run talent shows. Club President Tom Kikkert said the club plans to build upon its slogan “establish your brand” by marketing the anticipated talents in order to promote the club.

Julio Caceres joined the club this semester and was the one who came up with the idea. According to co-member Dan Fratianni, Caceres thought the show would be a good way to give the hidden talents of Brockport proper recognition.

“He really wanted to help people establish their own brand by marketing their talents,” Fratianni said. 

The event will also serve to advertise Marketing Club and hopefully bring more awareness to its presence on campus.

“We want to make our club as known as possible so we really want to share the talents that Brockport students have,” Fratianni said. “We thought that it would be a really fun idea on a night to share all of these students’ talents.”

Kikkert explained that a lot of work is going into making sure all of the pieces come together. 

“At this point we have got everybody rounded up for the talents, but we are trying to get awareness of what is going on with each talent,” Kikkert said. “So what we are having them do is send us a five to 10 second promotional video of what they are going to be doing, like a little snippet.”

The next step would be to take all of those snippets and compile them into a promotional video for each of the acts. Noting that sometimes the talent will want their branded page separate from their personal page, the club plans to promote whichever page the talent prefers. 

“We are encouraging them to have their own separate social media platform account so we can promote those,” Kikkert said. 

Furthermore, the club is looking to “American Idol” for some of its inspiration. Specifically, the club plans to include short introductory videos before each act takes the stage. 

“While [the acts] are getting ready to perform the talent, we will have a quick interview like: where they are from, what their talent is and what inspired them,” Kikkert said. “It will be playing in the background, actually moments before the physical talent happens.”

As far as the talents are concerned, Kikkert has promised a wide variety.

“We have guaranteed a comedian, a poet, a couple rappers, we have a few bands playing, a few singers so those are the highlighted ones,” Kikkert said. “There are a couple of others that we are not releasing until the promotional video comes out because we are trying to keep it a secret, but those are some of the main people.”

Some Brockport celebrities are also slotted to attend the show as judges. The club has requited Brockport Student Government President Josh Mathews, Jimmy Zisouski and Career Service Advisor Gina Willis. isouski

With the size of the event continuously growing, Kikkert predicts that it could become an annual occurrence on campus. 

“I think that we didn’t really think that the idea would blow up as much as it is and the reality is no other club has really done a talent show which is kind of surprising,” Kikkert said. “I think this will become annual, definitely.”

In addition to the talent, the club is also planning to focus on making the show “interactive” for the members of the audience. In order to keep the audience’s attention, Kikkert said there is going to be a Twitter competition on the side.

 “I find that a lot of people — when you go to events — they either become disinterested or just not really paying attention,” Kikkert said. “So what we are going to do is we are going to have a live Twitter feed going up on stage and one of the prizes you can win is if you have the ‘best content’ relevant to the talent show.”

The winner of the simultaneous Twitter competition can expect to win a gift card of some sort — the monetary amount has yet to be decided. 

To further promote audience participation, Jimmy Z’s is planning on donating some free prizes specifically for the audience in between each act. 

The club is planning to hire a hype band, not unlike The Roots that play on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and a band that will accompany each act in addition to a MC.

The show will be on Wednesday, April 24 in the Seymour Union Ballroom from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


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