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CSA holds multi-cultural skating event

by Kari Ashworth - Copy Editor
Wed, Apr 17th 2019 01:00 pm



Student clubs and organizations hold their year-end events as the semester comes to a close. For the Caribbean Student Association (CSA), this would be Roll Bounce, the club’s roller skating event aimed at inclusivity.

CSA held its third annual Roll Bounce in the Tuttle North Ice Arena on Friday, April 12, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. With the ice removed, students and alumni were able to enjoy the night on a different kind of skates.

In the past, Roll Bounce has taken place during CSA Week, in which the club treats the campus to Caribbean-themed festivities and highlights Caribbean culture. This year the organization held nightly events such as a domino tournament, a networking event titled “Jerk Chicken Social” and the Mr. and Mrs. CSA Pageant “All White.” Roll Bounce was held a few weeks later this year because the ice was not gone in time for CSA Week. 

“This year before CSA Week the ice wasn’t melted,” CSA President Nyomi McDonald said. “And I kind of like it better that it’s really the last event because it brings everybody together.”

Students spent the night gliding along to a Caribbean-inspired playlist, laughing with friends and attempting to keep upright on the skates. Seasoned skaters took laps around the rink like pros, even performing tricks. Amateurs, however, carefully slid along while holding onto friends or the side of the rink to keep from falling.

CSA Historian Ann Olowu attended the event for her second year in a row.

“People really seem to enjoy it,” Olowu said. “I’ve come every year, I’m a sophomore, and I’ll continue to come.”

Roll Bounce is meant to combine two cultures, Caribbean and American, to create a fun night out. The Caribbean-themed playlist complimented the roller skating, which is traditionally seen as a staple of American culture. Pizza and wings were also served at the event.

“We tried to incorporate [the two cultures] together and have fun, especially to end the year off with a bang,” CSA Promotions Director Gianni Sanchez said.

The playlist for the event took a week to make, but even that was a bit of a rough draft. The music was quickly turned into a freestyle playlist, playing whatever came to the organizers’ minds, and students had the opportunity to request some of their favorite songs. At one point in the night, the “Cha Cha Slide” was played and some students, including McDonald, opted to take their skates off and dance on their feet.

At its core, Roll Bounce was meant to bring everyone on campus together to enjoy a fun night out.

“We have different people from different cultures at the school, and everybody likes roller skating,” CSA Treasurer Danya Fenton said. “So, it’s our way of bringing everybody together for the last hoorah.”

Sanchez reiterated this sentiment.

“It’s a great way to branch off to a lot of different students on campus,” Sanchez said.

She also added that students from all over the area attend this event and mentioned a direct message from University of Rochester medical students, saying they would be attending. 

Roll Bounce was CSA’s last event of the year before e-board elections, which gave students a chance to mingle with the current e-board prior to elections. McDonald said it is good for students and the board members to have this opportunity.

CSA is open to all Brockport students and aims to expand campus and community knowledge on Caribbean culture by promoting cultural diversity, academic excellence and giving back through community service and campus activities.

Students can go to myBROCKPORT for more information on CSA.


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