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BSG offers an "oddly satisfying" Saturday night

by Katherine Fernandez - Copy Editor
Thu, Apr 11th 2019 04:00 pm

Social media trends change more frequently than the weather, depending on an easily distracted, fickle audience to keep them afloat. One trend that every social media user is aware of is the “oddly satisfying” tag, a compilation of seemingly ordinary objects and occurrences that leave the viewer with a deep sense of gratification. Brockport Student Government (BSG) is never one to fall behind the trends and offered up a chance for students to live out their dreams of being featured on the “Oddly Satisfying” Snapchat story at their Satisfying Saturday event on Saturday, April 6.

Several things can be considered oddly satisfying, like cutting bars of soap, squeezing wet chunks of floral foam, crushing eggshells or perfectly executed calligraphy. BSG featured some of the more commonly used items from satisfying videos like stretchy slime and kinetic sand, while also throwing in some of their own subtle variations on the trend. Refreshments were arranged neatly, displaying color sorted M&M’s and Skittles, color coordinated beverages and pyramids of solo cups that served double duty as a speed stacking game. Students were intrigued by the geometric arrangement of oreos on the u-shaped table, drawing them to try the unique flavors like red velvet and carrot cake. 

Further down the table the activities were spread out, inviting attendees to freely engage with anything that interested them. Neon slinkies reminiscent of the 90s were adjacent to a collection of multi-colored kinetic sand and a cluster of fidget spinners. The kinetic sand drew in a majority of the students in attendance as they were seemingly mesmerized by the silky texture, letting the substance slip through their fingers or molding it into a structure and subsequently crushing it. 

Continuing along, a partially unrolled pack of bubble wrap covered a large section of the table. Students squashed the plastic bubbles, waiting to hear the snapping that resulted from the pressure. The shining star of the event was without a doubt the giant buckets of Orbeez water beads. The cool, smooth texture of the beads provided curious students with a massaging sensation, some even going so far as to plunge their entire arm into the buckets. Many students took empty balloons provided by BSG and filled them with Orbeez to make their own do-it-yourself stress balls. BSG Activities Coordinator Pamela Fenton wanted to give everyone an opportunity to experience the popular internet trend firsthand.

“You see all the soap-cutting and slime creating so we just figured ‘Let’s give that to students in a way that’s doable’ because a lot of times it’s hard to do something like this in the dorm,” Fenton said. “I don’t like it myself, but it comes up often on Instagram feeds for everyone and it’s just something that’s popular.” 

By the end of the night, Fenton could be seen happily stretching a cherry-scented slime, and it was safe to say that the “oddly satisfying” trend had gained several new followers. 

Among the rest of the options offered, Miracle Bubbles and the Pop It Pal, a pimple popping simulating toy where people squeeze out blue glitter in favor of actually squeezing pimples, were also popular among students. Senior Kadeem Blackman was familiar with the concept of satisfying posts, but wouldn’t necessarily describe the emotion as such.

“It didn’t give me a feeling of being satisfied,” Blackman said. “I had fun and enjoyed the experience, but I wouldn’t say that anything gave me the level of satisfaction that people describe.”

BSG’s next big event will be Spring Fest, a week long compliation of activities for the students. 



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