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"This Life / Unbearable White" Vampire Weekend

by Vincent Croce - Staff Photographer
Thu, Apr 11th 2019 04:00 pm

Vampire Weekend, a three-man band known for its melodic and peppy sound on “A-Punk” and “Giving up the Gun,” are at it again releasing beach themed songs for the upcoming Summer season. Its most recent double release, announced April 4, is “This Life / Unbearably White.”

Back in March, Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig announced that the band would be releasing “singles” as duos with two songs on each single. It would proceed to do this three times over the span of March and April. These days, bands either tease one single before an album announcement or release half the album in singles before the album releases.

Vampire Weekend released multiple singles in March, including “Harmony Hall,” “2021,” “Big Blue” and “Sunflower,” which features vocals and production from famous musician Steve Lacy, in order to promote its new album “Father of the Bride.” Expected May 3, “Father of the Bride” will be an 18 track album including each of these singles.

 The first track, titled “This Life,” is a chill  tune of realization for the main character of the song. Over the track, honesty opens the door and creeps in with the main character and another saying they have been cheating on each other. This is then followed by feelings of finding out that a significant other is not being faithful.

The second track titled “Unbearably White” tells a story of a character, played by Koenig, and their significant other. Koenig exclaims how much he loves the other person and the feeling is mutual. Loving this person is metaphorically compared to climbing up a freezing, snowy mountain and seeing nothing at the peak. “There’s an avalanche coming/ Don’t cover your eyes/ It’s what you thought that you wanted/ It’s still a surprise/ It’s hard on the body/ It’s hard on the mind/ To learn what kept us together, darling/ Is what kept us alive.” This song does not stray from the usual theme of Vampire Weekend songs — relationships and heartbreak — but introduces a very smooth, synth centered sound, clashing with the usual guitar leading the way.

The “duos” released have had a similar connotation to each other, as “Harmony Hall / 2021” sported a nostalgia fueled feeling, “Big Blue / Sunflower” represented a happy, summertime feeling and “This Life / Unbearably White” have a solemn feeling focused around relationships and them falling apart.

As “This Life / Unbearably White” will be the last of Vampire Weekend’s new singles. The previous six singles have proven to be very diverse to say the least and a new sound for Vampire Weekend. “Father of the Bride” comes out on May 3 on all platforms and will most definitely be a Summer 2019 anthem record for everyone to blast in the car with the windows down.

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