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OSAD presents "out of this world" fashion

by Panagiotis Argitis - Editor-in-Chief
Thu, Apr 11th 2019 04:00 pm

Glowing 3M costumes, highlight outfits and trendy mockups opened the curtains to the future at this year’s installation of the annual Organization for Students of African Descent’s (OSAD) end of year fashion show. The show, titled SpaceJam, took place at the Seymour College Union Ballroom and began at 7:30 p.m. 

Upon entering the main stage, neon lights and the latest from modern hip-hop played by DJ FiyahSkull introduced the show’s theme of futuristic and space-like clothing. To start the event, the main presenter spoke about the organization and interacted with the audience through various short dances and finally opened up the stage to the first group of models, who represented “Drip.”

The models fitted with the “Drip” line came out one by one and strutted their way down the runway as camera flashes, screams from the audience and rounds of applause accompanied them. “Drip” was displayed on the clothing of the models, which ranged from hoodies and leggings to mesh-panelled cargo vests made popular by today’s hip-hop artists. Once every participant made their way up and down the stage, the entirety of the group sporting the “Drip” outfits came out for a final run and showed its gratitude for the audience with a series of applause.  

All the outfits of the show, including the “Drip” line, were created by designers Waves Clothing, Belema, The Bad Brand and The Royal Extraction. Apart from the designers responsible for the SpaceJam outfits, there was also a segment that incorporated bodypaint into the galaxy mix. 

“We looked for designers that could fulfill the visuals we wanted to see,” OSAD President Daisia Farley said. “The designers were able to add to every part of the outfit and make it their own which made everything better.” 

Second to enter the floor were the models representing the Belema wear, who came out with glamorous outfits that added color to the show and carried a sense of attitude with them. A majority of the models presented neon pink, green and yellow clothing with hints of reflective black and white, which supported the overall flashiness. The group’s performance came to an end with a unified final walk on the runway and allowed for the OSAD e-board to speak on the upcoming events of the organization and to further thank the support of the audience. After a word from each of the e-board members, the show’s intermission began. 

Following the short break, DJ FiyahSkull spun the boards back up and the show was on again. The Bad Brand, along with The Royal Extraction took on the runway and were yet another hit amongst the audience. Although every fashion line was distinctive from each other, the two outfitters carried out the SpaceJam theme well and filled the Ballroom with light and cheers. 

To wrap up the show, participants decorated in body paint made their way down the stage. The models used reflective paint that masked their bodies with bright colors that mirrored shining stars and provided a great conclusion to the event. 

The new year brought success and high overall participation for OSAD’s events. Prior to the start of the SpaceJam fashion show, the organization had all of its events and shows sell out. 

“We had a new spin on every single event that we hosted this year,” OSAD Events Coordinator Terrance Dickey said. “Everybody wants to see what we got and all the hard work we’re doing is not going to waste.”

The SpaceJam fashion show was only one from the plethora of various events that OSAD hosts, with Battle of the Schools and Black Party seeing the same amount of success. Students can connect with the organization on myBROCKPORT for an agenda of what is to come.


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