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BSG to roll into spring with skating event

by Margaret Stewart - News Editor
Wed, Apr 3rd 2019 12:00 pm

As the semester winds down, the Brockport Student Government (BSG) is getting ready to host some of its biggest events of the semester. While the much anticipated Spring Fest and Spring Concert isn’t until the week of April 22, BSG is planning on hosting Brock N Roll on Friday, April 5.

Brock N Roll is an annual event hosted on the campus at The College at Brockport. Ready to take it for a spin, BSG coordinators Jolie Saltiel and Sam Druzbik are in charge of pulling the event together this year. 

In preparation, Activities Director Alexis Graesser said the two have worked hard coordinating with the Union Managers and the event company. Graesser also mentioned that this event is not only highly anticipated, but highly attended as it is one of the most successful Friday late-night activities held on campus.

“We made 300 T-shirts last year,” Graesser said. “And we sold out.”

Members of BSG aren’t the only ones excited for the event to take place. Brockport Junior Alexa Miles explained why she has attended the event for the last two years and why she believes that she will be going with her friends again this year. 

“I first attended my freshman year,” Miles said. “I attended to get the free T-shirt.”

It is common knowledge that free things get college students’ attention as evident by all of the free food events that BSG hosts on any given week. This year, BSG has added somewhat of a competitive edge. Knowing how many shirts were given out last year, BSG has decreased the  number of free shirts from 300 to 120 and will only be available to the first 120 people through the door.

“It is gonna be really fun,” Saltiel said. 

BSG’s Communications Coordinator Kalynda Culek is designing the image for this year’s T-shirts as well as the posters used for marketing the event.

Though the T-shirts are undoubtedly a large part of why students attend this event, Miles admits that Brock N Roll is a fun event to go to in order to hang out with some friends.

“My favorite part was watching other people skate,” Miles said. “And I’ll probably attend this year to get another T-shirt. I’m about the free stuff.”

Featuring a glow-in-the-dark rink, the event is going to be little reminiscent of Horizon Fun Fx, a roller rink located in Rochester, NY.

“We have planned all of the logistics of the event. Saltiel said. “[The company is] kind of a carnival event center. They are in charge of bringing the flooring and the skates.” 

This is only one of two Friday late night events Saltiel has coordinated. This one is going to be challenging due to the fact that as soon as Brock N Roll is done, they will need to set up for Accepted Students’ Day. 

For more information about BSG’s event Brock N Roll or to stay updated with all of the upcoming events during Spirit Week, students visit: myBROCKPORT.


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