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Satisfying Saturday to bring viral trend to campus

by Shelby Toth - Executive Editor
Wed, Apr 3rd 2019 11:55 am
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Is there anything more relaxing than winding down at the end of the night and watching different “satisfying” videos on Instagram? Students will have the opportunity to participate in those aesthetic activities instead of just watching them on their phone before bed at Brockport Student Government’s (BSG) upcoming Satisfying Saturday event. 

On Saturday, April 6 at 9 p.m., the Union Main Lounge will become the host of students “Instagram dreams,” according to the event’s myBROCKPORT page. The event, planned by BSG Activities Coordinators Meghan Ritter and Pamela Fenton, will include multiple different social media-worthy activities.

“The event will be a large culmination of all things satisfying, from stuff you see on Instagram to anything that would relax you,” Ritter said. “…My coworker Pam and I have seen people respond very positively when there were things like slime and Orbeez at an event so we decided to do it on a larger scale.”

These types of satisfying activities are largely popular on Instagram, with over 5.5 million posts under the satisfying tag, 12 million posts under the slime tag, 53 thousand posts under the Orbeez tag and 316 thousand under the soap cutting tag, another activity listed on myBROCKPORT that will be featured at the event.

Satisfying and oddly satisfying videos are a trend that has taken off in recent years. In an interview with Wired, head of trends and culture at YouTube, Kevin Allocca, explained why he believes these videos have become so popular.

“There is something about finding congruence in visual stimuli that seems to be the value,” Allocca told Wired. “I think people are starting to understand that there is an art to creating things that are oddly satisfying.”

Senior at Brockport Jenna Baer had not heard of BSG’s upcoming event previously, but was interested in the potential for de-stressing that it could bring, especially before finals. She was not sure why these aesthetic activities and videos draw people in, but mentioned it could have to do with the feeling of them.

“I don’t know [why they’re popular],” Baer said. “I think it’s just satisfying and fun to feel the texture.”

Something else that comes with the territory of being aesthetically pleasing is the calmness and ease that tends to come with it. That’s part of the reason BSG decided on Satisfying Saturday for one of its frequent destress events.

“This kind of event is interesting for students because it introduces them to different methods of relaxation,” BSG Communications Coordinator Ashley Schepler said. “Before attending destress events, such as Satisfying Saturday, I was not aware of all of the cool ways I can alleviate stress.” 

Schepler, who said she is most excited for the Orbeez, believes that events that focus on internet culture help to draw students in differently than other events.

“Sometimes, the trends that appear on the internet are hard to find in real life,” Schepler said. “Through our events, we bring cool [trends] from the internet to campus for students to try.”

While it’s hard to explain exactly why watching people cut soap and squeeze slime help make someone feel relaxed, Brockport students will have the opportunity to try it themselves and see whether or not it lives up to the videos on Instagram. 

Students also had an opportunity to learn more about relaxing at BSG’s Stress Relief Awareness event on Tuesday, April 2. According to Activities Director Alexis Graesser, the event will focus on teaching students about different methods of stress relief, and include essential oils and stress relief hand sanitizer.


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