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Nike leads the athletic world

by Christopher Suarez - Campus Talk Editor
Wed, Apr 3rd 2019 11:00 am
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As far as brands that I choose for this column, I try to stay away from the major players in the athletic fashion world. I can sit here and write about Jordan and Adidas all day because it has controlled so much of the fashion culture around me. Athletic brands are also so mainstream that there is little to no advice that I can give you on how to shop there because of their popularity. 

However, one athletic brand has been the front runner in the takeover of fashion. Since Nike has been the major influencer in the world of athletic fashion, it is only right to include them in my list. 

According to britannica.com, the brand was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbons Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Bowerman was a former professor at the University of Oregon and the head coach of the university’s track and field team. As head coach, Bowerman teamed up with one of his players to start Blue Ribbon Sports. That player was Knight, and the two would go on to release The Waffle Running Shoe. 

The Waffle Running Shoe was a lightweight alternative to the normal running shoe, which changed the industry forever. Knight and Bowerman each contributed $500 to create 330 pairs of the shoe. Once the shoe started blowing up, the brand changed its name from Blue Ribbons Sports to Nike. The name stemmed from the Greek goddess Nike, which translates to victory. 

The brand would go on to expand and take over the athletic field, but not until the 90s did Nike became mainstream. Through the collaboration with NBA legend Michael Jordan, the brand would become number one in the basketball world. From there the brand expanded to other sports to become the fashion juggernaut it is today. 

But the brand is a lot more than just lightweight sneakers and Jordan’s. There are a lot of hidden collaborations and drops that have gone unnoticed. One of the many collaborations that people forget is the Off-White collection. All of the sneakers in the collaboration are Nike sneakers with a twist provided by the fashion brand Off-White. Out of that collection, the best piece in my opinion is the Off-White VaporMax. The detail on the original sneaker was so unique that Off-White did not have to do much to the sneaker. 

Even though the company has branched out into athletic apparel, Nike will always be known for its sneakers. In my opinion, the Air Max’s are the best-looking sneakers ever created. I know that the Jordan line has the most popular sneakers, but how can you go wrong with Air Max’s? The Air Max’s are comfortable, sleek and fashionable. The Air Max 95’s incorporates that old school design that can never age. No matter the colors you put on the sneakers, you will see that the sneaker still maintains its original beauty. 

If you want to dig deeper into the world of Nike, be prepared to find a lot of futuristic styles. Nike is known for its combination of technology and clothing. Recently, Nike released its new self-lacing sneaker. The Nike Adapt basketball shoe has self-lacing technology, and it has remote controlled lights that you can switch colors whenever you want to. The shoe comes with a charger that you can plug into the sneaker and charge before you wear them. Nike also incorporates the latest materials in their clothing. They were the first to incorporate the flyknit technology, making your sneakers lightweight and comfortable. 

If you have not already started shopping at Nike, this is your time to start. Nike has reasonable prices that makes it affordable for anybody. Sneakers range from $50 to over $200. Nike clothing is also affordable as it ranges from $10 to $150. But no matter what you pay for their clothing, you know that you will receive the latest in fashion technology and some of the best materials in your clothes. I highly recommend Nike as it is the number one athletic brands in the world.  

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