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"When I Get Home" Solange Knowles

by Clarrisa Henry - 89.1 The Point
Wed, Apr 3rd 2019 11:00 am

On Friday, March 1, Solange Knowles released her album, “When I Get Home.” The album takes you on a dreamy, yet beautiful journey of reality. Every song blends well with each other, allowing listeners to tune in to every sound and lyric without skipping over certain tracks. Knowles is making a name for herself, stepping outside of being known as Beyonce’s younger sister. Though they are siblings, they have different aspirations and characteristics which is evident in both of their music.

Throughout the album, Knowles references locations, activities and places from her hometown of Houston, Texas. Many of the mentions are about past, present and future events. This placed her music into a form of motion and identity that can be relatable to the listeners. These topics all culminated beautifully on the album to get Knowles’ point across. The creative use of repitition invites listeners to meditate and think deeply about each song, leading to a sense of awareness.  

The album dazzles within a category of jazz-funk. A 30 minute video accompanied the album, giving listeners the opportunity to see a visual representation of Knowles’ lyrics. 

The song “Things I Imagined,” is a one sentence mantra as she repeats, “I saw things I imagined,” over different piano chords and dreamy sounds in the background. The song ends with Knowles’ high vocalization, that truly represents manifesting your dreams and intentions to put them in motion. Similar to the song previously mentioned, the song “Dreams” presents intellectual thoughts that brings in relaxing vibes to transform them into good luck on future endeavors and positive, care-free thoughts. 

For a different view, “Time” opens with  smooth and soothing simple chords as Knowles sings softly. Halfway through the melody you will hear a nice strumming bass line, more breathtaking vocals and a beat switch with hi-hats and other musical instruments. 

On the upbeat side, “Way to the show,” “Binz” and “Stay Flo” will be sure to have the listeners moving and singing along. “Binz” in particular highlighted Knowles’ ability to move from falsetto to alto with ease. 

Overall, Knowles created a brilliant masterpiece where fans are able to not only listen to positive lyrics, but to enjoy calming meditative beats. Burn your incense, light the candles and listen to Knowles’ natural flow.

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