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"Jane the Virgin" Season Five Premiere

by Imani Coaxum - Staff Writer
Wed, Apr 3rd 2019 11:15 am

“Jane The Virgin” is back! The fifth and final season has been highly anticipated after a heart-wrenching cliffhanger from the season four finale. If you are not aware of why fans are gushing over the premiere of season five, here’s why:

In season one, Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) was accidentally artificially inseminated with her former summer fling, hotel owner Rafael Solano’s (Justin Baldoni), sperm. She struggles with being pregnant with another man’s baby while being with her boyfriend Michael Cordero Jr. (Brett Dier). But, like any telenovela, Jane finds herself falling for Rafael, breaking away from her long-time love Michael. It isn’t until later seasons that Michael and Jane find themselves in love again and eventually get married. 

In season three, Jane, Mateo (Jane and Rafael’s son) and Michael live blissfully until Michael suddenly dies from heart trauma caused by a past shooting. Even with heartbreak, though, life goes on. Jane and Rafael find themselves falling in love and wanting a life together, raising Mateo together. Just when everything seems great, Rafael is given the shocking news of Michael’s return in the finale of season four. Yes, Michael rose from the dead! And that is where the telenovela left off.

The first episode of season five was jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and upsetting. Many viewers expected Michael to come back and be super excited to see Jane, but there always has to be a twist. Although Michael is back, he isn’t the same person; he now has amnesia, no recollection of his old life and is now going by Jason. This is traumatic for Jane. She finds it difficult getting used to having Michael/Jason around, especially since he can not remember anything. However, Jane is commited to helping him regain his memory.

Throughout the episode we cannot help but think about how this is all affecting Rafael. Imagine getting ready to propose to someone you love and watching their husband come back into their life. Many memories of Michael and Jane’s love filled the episode, though, and viewers could not help but miss it as well. Despite how perfect it would be if Rafael and Jane were together, Michael and Jane’s love is one that can not be ignored. 

The episode surrounded by Michael/Jason’s shocking return was for everyone. Though we can not forget Xo’s cancer, Alba’s citizenship and Rogelio’s new baby, Michael/Jason’s return was one that needed to fill an entire episode. Fans are looking forward to what the season has to offer because all things are coming to an end in this final season. There is no certainty in how this season might end or even where it will go after this first episode. Will Michael fall in love with Jane all over again? Will Jane and Rafael get engaged? The only way to get answers is to watch the show! Overall, the episode was an attention grabber and viewers are in for an emotional rollercoaster.

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