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BSG held mini glow golf event

by Brianna Bush - Lifestyles Editor
Thu, Mar 7th 2019 12:00 pm

On Saturday, March 2 the Seymour College Union Ballroom was turned into a miniature glow golf course. The main lights of the ballroom were off, substituted by black lights and disco lights displayed around the room to give it an authentic glow golf feel.

The ballroom was teeming with students, many of whom were in groups talking and playing putt-putt. Some of the students were in groups with people they had just met for the first time. Everyone appeared to enjoy the activity put on by the Brockport Student Government (BSG).

The course was set up in a semicircle with nine "holes" in the middle of the ballroom. The "holes" each had a design that was different from the one next to it and some of them were more popular than others.

The more popular ones were the castle, the windmill and the moving wheel, where the golfers had to putt the ball in the right spot in the wheel for it to pick it up and place it on the other side. Aside from the popular holes, BSG also had multiple different ramped ones set up, each one having its own set of challenges for the mini-golfers.

The event was set up and overseen by BSG Activities Coordinators Meghan Ritter and Hannah Danielski, who rented the equipment from Pig Belly Entertainment, one of many entertainments and rental companies that BSG sources out to.

Ritter said that this event had a great turnout the past times that BSG had it, with this event having the same popularity as the previous iterations of it, if not more. Both Ritter and Danielski were pleased by the number of people that showed up to the mini glow golf event.

Planning larger events like mini glow golf require both manual labor, working with the setup of everything and mental set up.

 "There is a decent amount of pre-planning that goes into events like this because we have to work with different vendors and stuff to set up and organize it," Ritter said.

Throughout the event, there was music playing and people laughing and joking around. When the song "No Limit" by G-Eazy came on, some people stopped what they were doing and started to sing and dance to the lyrics, with more people chiming in when rapper Cardi B's verse came over the speaker.

The timing of this event, to some, can seem off because of the weather, since mini golf is generally a summer or spring activity.

"Personally, I think because it is the middle of the winter and this [the event] is more of a summer event, so it's a fun thing you can do indoors to remind you what is to come in the summer," Ritter said. "We use it to break up the horrible drudgery of winter."

With the event having such a great turn out, Danelski thought some change could be made for next time. She has the idea that it could be even better, with a darker room and more black lights to give it a more professional "glow."

It’s always great when an event is successful to an organization, the more people that show up, the more likely the event is to happen. Organizations like BSG run its functions based on the number of students who show up, but the numbers are not always what is important.

"Even if an event isn’t successful, it’s always a good feeling knowing that people are there having a good time and enjoying themselves," Danielski said. "It makes this job well worth it knowing our events have a positive impact on people and seeing our hard work pay off in that way."

Spring Break is right around the corner which means, midterms are also closing in as well. BSG will be offering "good luck snacks" to students, an event encouraging them to take a break from studying and care for themselves.


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