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"I Guess I Just Feel Like" John Mayer

by Vincent Croce - Staff Photographer
Tue, Mar 5th 2019 10:00 pm

John Mayer has become quite a household name in the music realm with past hits such as “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” “Gravity” and “Waiting On The World To Change.” Mayer has had every single one of his eight albums reach top 10 on the charts,  somehow succeeding without hesitation. 

Since Mayer has experimented with different genres in his music, from rock, to jazz and then country, when he releases new music, fans do not know what to expect or what angle he is coming from. The latest single released by him titled “I Guess I Just Feel Like,” tackles the struggles of being honest with yourself while putting yourself first, not the image others want you to portray.

While the announcement of this single was two days before February 22, when the single was released, I hoped this song would take a step back to his jazz or rock phase. Of all the albums Mayer has released, 2012s “Born and Raised” and 2013s “Paradise Valley” are two of the least popular of his discography due to the “country feel” they emit. Mayer had set such a solid sound base for himself with his past albums, that these seemed completely out of place and unlike your typical John Mayer music.

After a three-year break, Mayer’s 2017 “A Search for Everything” provided more of a ballad feel, with songs tackling the subject of growing old and making good memories. Fast forward a year later, Mayer released a single titled “New Light” which pointed fingers at the mainstream music industry and its internal flaws. 

Now, Mayer has returned again in 2019 with the studio recording version of “I Guess I Just Feel Like” which was originally debuted in October of 2018 at one of his shows. The slow, reminiscing track tugs on the strings of both a country sound and an acoustic rock sound. 

A lot of recent music has tackled ideas of outrage toward privileged groups of people or the government, and Mayer has fallen victim on wanting to voice his opinions. “I guess I just feel like nobody’s honest, nobody’s true/ Everyone’s lying to make it on through/ I guess I just feel like I’m the same way too” Mayer sings, calling out all people who make decisions based upon others’ thoughts. But, at the same time, he realizes he does the exact same thing he hates to see. 

Mayer has not announced a new album or a new tour, but he is very much in the swing of writing music and playing into the hype on social media. 

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