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Congress denies Trump's national emergency

by Christopher Suarez - campus talk editor
Tue, Mar 5th 2019 09:00 pm
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no wall President Trump's decision to declare a national emergency has backfired on him. With the Democrats holding the majority of seats in Congress, the decision to deny the national emergency was one-sided but effective. During the vote, all 232 Democrats voted to deny the national emergency (above), where only 13 Republicans voted the same. The rest of the Republicans voted to not deny the national emergency, but with the Democrats holding the most seats, it did not make a difference.

Through his outlandish tweets and overtly racist comments, President Donald Trump never fails to amaze Americans. Whether you are a supporter or not, it can be agreed that Trump is skilled at being the center of attention and making sure we keep up with his nonsense. By utilizing his talent of scapegoating, Trump has earned the hatred of minority groups by blaming them for the nation’s underperformance while keeping his supporters jolly.

Being labeled a pathological liar, Trump has made it his mission to fulfill the promises he made all throughout his “Make America Great Again” campaign. Nevertheless, in recent news, his efforts have shown to be unsuccessful, leaving a majority of Trump supporters skeptical about who they will vote for in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. 

Just this past week, the House voted to overturn Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the border wall with 13 Republicans joining the Democrats to block his efforts. Now it is up to the Senate, where three Republicans have already expressed their support, to stop Trump.

In his 2016 campaign, Trump and Republicans vowed to grow the economy past what it was when Obama served his two terms. Through tax cuts and removal of restrictions within industries, Trump claimed this would increase the economy by 3 percent, a number that Obama never reached in a single year. 

According to CNBC, “New government data on Thursday morning show that Trump, too, has failed to reach the 3 percent promised land, according to one major metric. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis measured 2018 growth at 2.9 percent, matching the peak Obama enjoyed in 2015”. 

While the GOP tried to reach the 3 percent mark, it fell short at 2.9 percent, showing that Trump and his administration were only serving Americans’ hopes and dreams that they would be unable to fulfil. While most of his voters were glad that this growth had indeed contributed to the economy, they claimed that they were not seeing any pay raises and without them, naming the economy during Trump’s presidency as “one of the greatest” would be untrue. Additionally, Trump supporters argued that the 35-day government shutdown that left over 800,000 federal employees without pay would hurt the economy.

Trump’s obsession with the wall has been well known since his campaign. His stance on immigration issues and the need to further secure the existing border stems from the idea that those who cross only contribute to the crime that happens in the nation. After Democrats opposed his requested $5 billion for the wall, he immediately called for a government shutdown. Trump supporters are well on the same page as him when it comes to immigration and like the idea of securing the border, but not enough to shutdown the government. 

Being that his strong following is what contributed to his success in becoming president, shutting down the government was not an intelligent move. According to The Washington Post, “Recent polling indicates that the government shutdown has caused skittishness among parts of Trump’s base.” 

As his net approval rating continues to plummet, the 2020 presidential election is not looking so bright for the Trump administration. Instead of “Making America Great Again” he has only made America suffer as the 800,000 federal employees that went without pay and have had to face not being able to pay utility bills, mortgage payments or even afford food to feed their families.

Even though the longest government shutdown ever seen in American history has come to an end, the tension between the Democrats and Republicans continues. With the Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives, it has been nearly impossible for President Trump to receive the billions of dollars he needs to build his infamous wall. 

Earlier this month, Congress approved $1.3 billion for new barriers along the existing border. Since it was not the $5.7 billion he originally requested, Trump’s temper tantrum resulted in the declaration of a national emergency. This would give him all the money he desired to build the wall he had long promised Americans even before the start of his presidency. 

According to The New York Times, Kentucky's senior United States Senator Mitch McConnell warned Trump about congress’ refusal and urged that “he had about two weeks to win over critical Republicans to avoid having Congress vote to reject the declaration.” Trump did not take McConnell’s advice, leading members of his own party to part from his side.

 It is unclear what will happen if their attempt to stop the president fails, but if they are successful, Trump’s border wall will just be another unfulfilled promise. Trump has already caused resentment in the hearts of many of his supporters and the announcement of no wall would make everything worse for his presidency.

 As the senate comes to its decision in the following weeks, it would be interesting to see what trick Trump has up his sleeve when congress issues an ultimatum denying him the ability to allocate funds for his steel border wall.

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