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OSAD Week closes with a Mardi Gras party

by Kelvin Collado - Staff Writer
Wed, Feb 27th 2019 03:00 pm

Those looking to feel in touch with their roots and share that feeling with the people around them at The College at Brockport were among good company at the Organization for Students of African Descent’s (OSAD), All Black Everything event. The event featured black culture at it’s finest. All Black Everything is OSAD’s annual event where black culture is revered and embraced by all communities on campus. This year’s theme was Mardi Gras and celebrated the close to OSAD Week by combining southern culture with culture of New York.

On Saturday, Feb. 23 in the Seymour College Union Ballroom, the event kicked off with everyone admiring the elegant looks of those present. Outside of the ballroom, people took pictures left and right in their formal attire, before continuing inside to where the real show awaited its guests. President of OSAD Daisia Farley kicked off the show by informing the crowd of what the real meaning of Mardi Gras is and where the show got its roots from. 

The show incorporated everything, such as music,  poetry, comedy and lets not forget the ladies of the Dream Team, which is OSAD’s dance team. The dance team put on a performance that incorporated throwback songs and hit songs from this generation like Blueface’s hit song “Thotiana.” Student Michael King enjoyed watching the performance.

“The show was extraordinary,” King said. “Especially the dance team, they made a lasting impression.” 

Another component of the show that made it memorable was the food. With most college students’ diets being composed of dining hall food, it was refreshing for them to be able to indulge in homemade Hispanic food. 

For many, this was their first time attending the annual event. Freshman Gilbert Guerrero was one of those people. He expressed his excitement to see so many students united together in one space.   

“Even though it’s an OSAD event, there are people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds there,” Guerrero said. “Everyone came together in all their best outfits to celebrate the rich culture and heritage.”

Although he is a freshman, Guerrero expressed his excitement for next year’s show, already planning on an outfit that will win him the best dressed, only further proving how much the community looks forward to this annual event. 

Students came dressed to impress in black formal wear that emulate their own personal style, ready to revel in an evening of fashion, cultural performances and amazing foods. OSAD President Daisia Farley reflected on the success of the evening.

“My job as president was to make sure my team and I continued the legacy and upholding the reputation that OSAD has when doing these events,” Farley said. “We successfully hosted another sold out event and everyone ended their night happy and full.”

 She later stated that OSAD had a few surprises in the upcoming months. Students can expect a new and different aspect within their next event, which will be their annual fashion show. OSAD worked very hard to make sure it put a smile and lasting impression on every student that attended the event. Being able to continue the legacy of what OSAD stands for and allowing the event to speak for itself is impressive. Stay tuned to see how the eboard outdoes itself next year.

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