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FashionNova takes to social media in fashion launch

by Christopher Suarez - Campus Talk Editor
Wed, Feb 27th 2019 03:25 pm
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Many successful fashion brands aim to market their clothing to a large demographic, often choosing to focus on womens apparel. Women help brands flourish and expand worldwide and there are brands that use the appeal to their advantage, but also those who fail to incorporate feminine appeal. The failures seem to stay stagnant and rarely expand. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton and American Eagle strive because of their marketing to women. They blend men’s and women’s clothing to appeal to all types of markets. 

A brand that seemed to skyrocket into the forefront of fashion blogs everywhere is FashionNova. The brand is seen as a “rookie” in the world of fashion, but it has already accomplished a lot more than other brands.

The California-based company first debuted its website in 2013 and remained under the radar for a couple of years. Despite selling out in the first weekend, the brand did not turn mainstream until 2016.

In 2016, the brand collaborated with one of the most recognizable families in the world, the Kardashians. FashionNova collaborated with the youngest of the famous family, Kylie Jenner, and its stock automatically rose. According to WWD.com, the collaboration with Jenner translated into $50,000 in sales. The brand made a move to coordinate with rapper Cardi B and multiple social media personalities. 

The brand is not just known for its collaborations, it is also recognized for its reasonable prices. In order for a brand to succeed in fashion, there has to be an affordablility factor so people of all economic status are able to purchase quality clothes.

Many may think that FashionNova was started by a woman, when actually the brand was started by a man, Richard Saghian. According to businessoffashion.com, Saghian founded the brand in 2006 as a “chain of stores selling low-priced “clubwear.” The brand originally only sold in the Los Angeles, California area. 

In order for the brand to become what it is today, it had to exploit society’s biggest addiction, social media. FashionNova has successfully used social media to its advantage and in return it has been met with nothing but success. Due to the fact that women use social media in a much higher percentage than men do, FashionNova used these media platforms to catch the eye of the right audiences. 

By launching an Instagram page, the brand was able to appeal to women across the world. With 14.8 million followers, the brand posts all of its newest releases right into the hands of its consumers. 

The brand notably targets young adults, which is evident through the models and celebrities who promote the brand. By using famous Instagram personalities, the brand appeals to young girls who idolize the models and strive to match their wardrobe in the near future. 

Taking a look at its website, you will notice that the models used are not the typical models you see on clothing websites. Instead of using the generic skinny models, FashionNova use women with curves. This shows the world that all women are beautiful regardless of their body type. 

Recently, the brand launched a men’s section to its website, along with “FashionNova Curve,” which appeals to a wider audience. FashionNova is now becoming more of a powerhouse, offering men’s clothing and larger sizes for women at low and affordable prices. Male or female, FashionNova is a brand you should look into. It is growing every day in popularity and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


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