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"New Breed" Dawn Richard

by Clarissa Henry - 89.1 The Point
Wed, Feb 27th 2019 03:00 pm

Posed with a beautiful and long chief headdress, the artist Dawn Richard presented her album titled “New Breed” as she showed off her unique yet relatable rhythm and blues sound. Promoting women can be kings, the album also pushed young women to be brave, encouraged internally and dismiss outside negativity. 

The boldness of this thought increases confidence and being your natural self when listening to this album. While listening, you will discover Richards’ creativity and passionate flow in each of the songs’ lyrics. If you plan on traveling and enjoy listening to a single artist for the messages and experiences that are represented in an album, Richard should be on your list.

 The New Orleans artist was originally part of Sean Combs reality TV show, “Making the Band 3.” During the show, Richard was placed with the all-female group, Danity Kane, with whom she continued to perform from 2005 to 2009. During her time with the band, her band members did not understand her style or her ideas. Branching off away from the band, her energy is now redirected to build her own narrative and framework to present herself as a solo artist.

Richard’s new futuristic and feminine content is expressed throughout her album. Songs range from gentle and relaxed melodies such as “Spaces,” to celebrating and ambitious, as represented by “Dreams and Converse.” 

After her stunning intro titled “Nine” she moves into the titular track, “New Breed.” For the chorus, Richard repeats the line, “I am a lion/ I am a woman.”

On many of the tracks, you will hear a multitude of words mentioned by the naysayers of her work and how she overcame the uphill battle. One example is from the track “Vultures|Wolves,” “I had so many men in power telling me I was too brave, too confident, too black, too ugly, too thin. That girl believed ‘em, but deep inside, the girl from the nine…’’ 

Her music will allow you to express your creative side and fall into your own view of situations, grounding yourself with morals you consider to be realistic to you. This will align your inner spiritual being to be healed and focused on goals that are in place to be accomplished, regardless if they are big or small.


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