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Bringing the "pep" back to Brockport

by Breanna Rosen - Advertising Manager
Tue, Feb 26th 2019 09:00 pm

At college sporting events, the air is filled with noise from fans, the game itself and, in many instances, a pep band. After several years without a pep band in the stands, the beating of the drums and the sounds of the horns may be heard once again. 

After almost seven years, The College at Brockport is proposing a plan to restart the pep band program. Pep bands give musically inclined students a place at sporting events to liven up the fans.

Brockport Student Government (BSG) President Joshua Mathews explained that creating a pep band at Brockport was a personal project he decided to take on his sophomore year. As a senior, Mathews is revisiting the project with a better understanding of how the college works.

“I think it would be an interesting way to create a different atmosphere at a lot of our athletic events,” Mathews said. “I think that we have a lot of students at Brockport that might be really interested in having a place at the athletic events when they don’t necessarily participate in athletics.” 

Creating a pep band at Brockport is not a new proposal. Since the college has been around, several pep bands have thrived. It is only recently that Brockport has been without one at sporting events. To compensate, the college uses sound systems during the events so music is still provided. 

“Having live general hype or incidental music helps create a far more exciting and dynamic atmosphere than someone inexpertly fiddling around with a sound system can,” junior Michael Fredette said. 

In the past, the student run pep band, known as the Screaming Eagles Pep Band, participated in school and sporting events for several years. Being student run, the band struggled to find leaders due to annual graduations. Ultimately, it was discontinued around 2012.

In order to found a sustainable pep band, Mathews created a task force consisting of members from Student Union and Activities, BSG and from the music and athletic departments. Partnering together, they will make pep band a priority at sporting events. Adam Standish, a previous player and advisor of the Screaming Eagles Pep Band, is also on the task force working to make the idea of a new pep band a reality.

Pep band will be offered as a one credit hour class at Brockport. Apart from wanting to make events more lively, the one credit hour gives students an incentive to join.

“I’ve been a musician most of my life and an opportunity to play fun charts, in a new setting, is always nice,” Fredette said.

Mathews explained that playing at school or sporting events would count as either homework or class time.

In order for the pep band to be successful, student participation is needed. Students of all musical backgrounds and capabilities are encouraged to join the pep band once it becomes available. 














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