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BSG puts a friendly spin on Valentine's Day

by Breanna Rosen - Advertising Editor
Wed, Feb 20th 2019 03:00 pm

Valentine’s Day is not just for those in committed relationships, it is also a day where friendship is celebrated. On Saturday, Feb. 16 in the Seymour College Union, the Brockport Student Government (BSG) held an Anti-Valentine’s Day event.

This was the second Anti-Valentine’s Day event held on campus. BSG held the event in the Main Lounge which was decorated in red and pink attractions. The event was orchestrated by Activites coordinator Meghan Ritter and Activities Director Alexis Graesser. Food and beverages were provided by the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC).

The event allowed students on campus to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether they had a significant other or were single. Anti-Valentine’s Day brought friends together to acknowledge the value of love and friendship with fun activities and prizes inspired by Valentine’s Day, without emphasizing romance.

“Not everyone has a significant other on Valentine’s Day and it is important to celebrate the friends in your life,” Ritter said. “[Anti Valentine’s Day] is a celebration of friendship and it is a place to have good times with the people that you love and care about.”

The event kicked off with students lining up and grabbing food provided by BASC. This year’s event featured a loaded french fry bar with various toppings and boneless chicken wings that came in a variety flavors. BSG provided sparkling juice to drink in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

While some students enjoyed the food, others participated in the crowd favorite balloon popping activity. The activity involved balloons filled with helium and small sheets of paper with prizes written on them, with each participant getting a balloon to pop. The prizes won were Valentine’s Day inspired gifts including sweet and salty treats and stuffed animals. 

Once all of the prizes were given out, a lot of shouting took place and trading began. Students fought to get the prizes they wanted instead of the prizes they had won.

“I really enjoyed the balloon popping,” Lily Rogers said. “Winning the prizes was a lot of fun.”

Ritter and Graesser created a black backdrop with roses lining the outside for students to take pictures in front of. Students that attended Treat Her Like a Lady, held in the Union Ballroom the same night, also utilized the backdrop for pictures.

Students also gathered around tables to create their own personalized friendship bracelets. Various colored strings and different types of beads were provided by BSG to make the bracelets. Ritter and Graesser had printed instructions on how to make several different types of bracelets. Some students strictly followed the instructions while others made their own style.

Laughter could be heard and smiles could be seen throughout the whole night as friends enjoyed each other’s company during the various activities at the event.

“Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love and love comes in many forms besides relationships including friendships,” Rogers said. “Hence why I am here with my friends.” 

Graesser explained that Anti-Valentine’s Day will be held again next year in the Union and will be a great opportunity for students to enjoy good food, friends and prizes with whomever they choose.

Events like Anti-Valentine’s Day are made possible by activities coordinators, with applications soon to be available at BSG to become one. To find other events on campus that are sponsored by BSG, you can go online on myBROCKPORT to see the calendar of what is coming up next or stay connected with it social media.


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