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"Teal Album" Weezer

by Brian Fedeli - 89.1 The Point
Wed, Feb 20th 2019 02:55 pm

Many bands have tried to prove versatility by branching out and releasing songs that aren’t compatible with their styles, often putting out mediocre tracks as a result. In my opinion, Weezer’s new album “Teal Album,” should’ve stuck closer to the band’s roots instead of venturing into other genres. 

“Teal Album” was released on Thursday, Jan. 24 and is a collection of covers of famous songs like “Africa” by Toto, “Mr. Blue Sky” by The Electric Lights Orchestra and many other famous songs. This album was met with mixed emotions from fans of the American rock band, many believing that “Teal Album” would not make a lasting impression partially due to its different feel and the kind of covers it did. 

In a way I see where people are coming from. Weezer chose a group of iconic songs whose covers are typically met with a very critical reception. For instance, one of my favorite songs “Mr. Blue Sky,” is on the album and as someone who listens to the original song almost daily, I found it strange to hear a rock cover of the song. I didn’t hate it, in fact I thought it was very good, but the original is still way better in my opinion. 

A song that I feel it should’ve avoided in this case would be the song “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Weezer’s rock vibe made the song difficult for me to listen to. I didn’t hate it, but I still feel like the band should’ve stayed away from doing “Billie Jean”. Other songs on the album are “Take On Me,” “Happy Together,” “Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)” and “No Scrubs.” 

Each song sounds good but its Weezer’s musical ability which allows for every song to sound unique. Ultimately, a portion of the album is underwhelming and could have used more attention from the group.

Overall “Teal Album” was alright, to say the least. Its heavy rock sound didn’t mesh well with the genres of many of the songs it chose to cover and that fact takes away from the rest of the album. On the other hand, many of the songs do end up sounding very good with the rock feel to it, so I think you really need a peculiar taste in music to really enjoy this album the way Weezer intended.


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