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BSG offered new trivia night for students

by Bridgette Babb - Copy Editor
Wed, Feb 13th 2019 11:00 am

While the snow and wind picked up outside, students made their way into the Seymour College Union Ballroom to try their luck at Brockport Student Government’s (BSG) first ever TriviaPort. The event took place on Friday, Feb. 8 at 9 p.m.

The atmosphere that greeted students was fun and lively, as all the teams joked around about the questions. Students could either join a team already made or make up their own. The teams sported interesting names, such as “You’re a Quizzard Harry,” “Queen Bees” and “Red Hot Trivia Peppers.” The event was created by BSG’s Samuel Druzbik, with BSG’s Meghan Ritter keeping the score as Druzbik moderated. He recalled just coming up with the event out of the blue.

“The first day of training I was told I had to make an event by this weekend,” Druzbik recalled. “I said, everybody likes trivia.” 

People in fact do love trivia, especially when it involves winning prize baskets. Prizes included fluffy pillows, plush dinosaur toys and a small laundry hamper filled with cereal and treats.

Categories for the first round were: The Globe, Brockport, Main Street, New York and the United States. The board was setup similar to Jeopardy, with five rows ranging from 100 to 500 level questions. The 100 level questions included “What are the three branches of government?” and “name three academic buildings on campus,” which no one struggled with. The question of “What is the real name of the red statue on campus?” seemed to trip many people up, with only two teams knowing the real name was “Conclave.” A question on the opening year of the Erie Canal also caught a few teams by surpise. 

“I’ll give you a hint, it’s gonna be four numbers,” Druzbik joked.

The team “Queen Bees” made it a duty of theirs to get as many wrong as possible by putting hilarious answers to every question. The question, “How many Walmarts are in New York City?” once again left players unsure, with different estimates on each table. The answer in fact was none. After round one the scores were tallied, with “You’re a Quizzard Harry” coming out on top.

Junior Victoria Omolayo appreciated the entertainment as well as the food provided at the event.

“At first I wasn’t going to come because it [was] freezing out there,” Omolayo said. “However, I took a chance and had a really good time. I needed to destress after a hectic week.”

Garnishes provided mozzarella sticks, boneless wings, artichoke dip, tortilla chips, Capri Suns and water. 

The second round’s categories were: Science, Otherwise, “Vote Yes,” History and Pop Culture. The first category chosen was of course Pop Culture and the first question was about Netflix. History seemed to be the hardest category this time around. Most of the questions were a miss. The “Vote Yes” column had information on BSG related things, such as where to go to “Vote Yes” to keep the student activity fee in April. 

Once again scores were tallied and the team “Curly Fries” came out on top. Ritter and Druzbik urged students to take the leftover food home with them at the end of the event.

“This event was very, very successful,” Ritter said. “We are all super proud of Sam for coming up with it. He is my favorite person in the world.”

For more events such as this, be sure to keep a lookout on myBROCKPORT.


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