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KITH streetwear and its rise to designer fashion

by Christopher Suarez - Campus Talk Editor

Chris' Fashion Drip

Wed, Feb 13th 2019 11:00 am

Over the last 10 years, the biggest change in fashion has been the emergence of streetwear brands. Streetwear has always been around and has also touched the peak of the market, but these brands have consistently maintained low prices, to make it affordable for all. The younger generation has engaged in the consumption of streetwear brands for years, keeping these companies in business to this day. The affordability and mass consumption of streetwear is what keeps them running.

In the last couple of years, streetwear brands have raised their prices and it seems to have only improved business. One of the major brand names in expensive streetwear is KITH. KITH is an American based brand with multiple locations in New York City (NYC), Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. KITH makes money through selling good quality streetwear brands at higher prices, compared to competition. Some may ask, “how is it beating its competition by raising the prices?” The answer to that is smart decision making. 

 KITH started off as a small sneaker section in the SOHO area of NYC. It held only a small space within the store, Atrium. In that little space, KITH sold high-end sneakers.

KITH made its first big decision by marketing the store. The stores interior was sleek and made the customers feel like they were walking into a high-end store. The bags had the KITH logo plastered right in the middle, which made buyers want to keep the bag instead of just throwing it in the garbage. In 2011, the brand bought a location in Brooklyn, New York and would once again be sharing with Atrium. KITH later grew in popularity as it started collaborating with popular brands to help improve marketing. KITH brought on brands like Asics and Diamond Supply to collaborate with. It would collaborate on sneaker designs and add its own little twist.

Later KITH did something very few others have done and incorporated a cereal bar into its Brooklyn flagship store. This was a game changing decision, because it combined food with fashion. Shoppers don’t want to shop for clothes while eating greasy or oily food. Cereal is clean and sweet, which made it easy to carry around while you shop. The success of the cereal bar introduction eventually lead to the opening an ice cream bar in its SOHO location. 

KITH has left no stone unturned when it comes to fashion. Its collaborations with a variety of brands offered different styles for everyone. Some of the bigger brands it collaborated with include Coca-Cola, Nike, New Balance, OFF White, Adidas, Mitchell & Ness, New Era, Bergdorf Goodman, Timberland, Moncler, Tommy Hilfiger and most recently, Versace. It has used the collaborations to bring KITH up as a brand and to gain more recognition in the fashion industry.

If you love streetwear, this brand is for you. KITH does an amazing job of taking regular streetwear designs and making it look high-end, which is why its clothing is so expensive. If KITH is a brand you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, be prepared to spend upwards of $400 for a plain hoodie. While expensive, you can expect the quality of the clothing to match the price. 

In my opinion the best-looking pieces KITH has is its collaborations with other brands. The best collaboration to look into is the Tommy Hilfiger x KITH. It had a great combination of high end clothing and streetwear. Though the pieces are all sold out, you can always admire the beauty of the clothing produced. If you take a look at the look book for the Versace x KITH collaboration you will see the creativity and the attention to detail from both brands. The collaboration will be released Friday, Feb. 15 at 11 a.m. online and in stores. 

KITH is an amazing brand that has done nothing but grow since 2011. The founder, Ronnie Fieg is a fashion genius and has taken this brand where nobody thought it would go. KITH now has seven locations and continues growing more and more each year. 


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