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Youtuber Austin Jones pleads guilty to child pornography

by Matt Lauster - Staff writer
Tue, Feb 12th 2019 10:50 pm
Predator Youtuber Adam Jones pleads guilty for allegedly being in possession of child pornography.
Predator Youtuber Adam Jones pleads guilty for allegedly being in possession of child pornography.

In the age of the internet, one of the biggest ways of someone getting their content out to the public is through the video sharing website called YouTube. From critiquing the biggest blockbusters to even having scripted television shows, YouTube has become a big part for many as they start their careers. Unfortunately just like another industry however, there are some with a dark record. One of those being popular “youtuber” Austin Jones who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and is facing up to 20 years in prison after the Illinois born singer had pressured multiple underage girls to send him sexually explicit videos to him.


    On the surface, Austin Jones looks nothing like a criminal. His boyish good looks and  charming attitude gave him the look of every art school kid type that everyone had seen before. He grew up in town where it seems like nothing ever happens that no one had heard of called Bloomingdale in Dupage County which is on the north end of Illinois.


    Austin Jones found internet stardom after his a cappella covers received thousands of views. Jones would release music first in 2007 then in 2014 he would reales an Extended Play or “EP” as it is more popularly known titled “Pitch Imperfect” that EP would then reach the top 20 of the iTunes pop chart. Then in 2016 he would release an album that did not have the same success as his 2014 release. Some of his most popular covers that could be seen on his channel where songs by Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco.


    Though Jones was found guilty in 2019, the controversy surrounding Jones started four years earlier on May 10th 2015. A music website called “PupFresh” where the first to report about Jones’s sexual misconduct. According to the website Jones would have girls who where underage instructions on how to perform sexually suggestive dances like twerking in videos he would would have them send to him. During that time Jones was getting prepared to perform on the Warped Tour which he then had to resign from performing at the popular music event. In June 2017 Jones would be arrested at the Chicago O’ Hare International Airport and would then plead guilty to one count of recipient of child pornography two years later in 2019.


    Even after Jones pleaded guilty on child pornography charges both YouTube and Spotify which streamed his music on their website kept his music available to the public. It was not until February 7th 2019 that all his content had been deleted from the two websites. Now instead of seeing videos of fun pop covers there is a blank “this webpage does not exist” page for the eye to see. This all because of Austin Jones dark perversions.   


    With his guilty plea Austin Jones joins a long list of celebrities whose dark past and habits have come back to haunt them. Stories like Jones’s leave many to wonder why he would do this with such a blossoming career ahead of him. Even though many people had this image of Jones despite probably not even knowing the performer personally they had a feeling that Jones could not do something so juvenile. It just goes to show the public that even though we feel like we know people like Austin Jones and Kevin Spacey we will never truly know what is in their hearts.


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