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Brockport Student Government starts the year with open positions

by Shelby Toth - Executive Editor
Thu, Feb 7th 2019 01:00 pm

The semester may have just started, but Brockport Student Government (BSG) has been working hard to prepare for the spring. 

Familiar faces in the student government, including Activities Director Alexis Graesser and President Joshua Mathews, put in many hours of work over winter break while the majority of the members returned on Wednesday, Jan. 23, before classes started, to do multiple trainings.

“We have a training every year where we try to give our staff resources they need to do their jobs,” Mathews said. “One, to be good representatives for wherever they are professionally but also just anywhere in their life.”

BSG members have also been focusing on something very important to its running: employing new staff.

“Wrapping up last semester and moving into this semester, we’ve been focusing a lot on hiring,” Vice President Kate Demskie said.

Applications for hired positions in BSG closed on Friday, Feb. 1,  including positions in advocacy, activities coordinators, senators and an election commissioner. Those who applied will be interviewed by a search committee, who will put the three best candidates forward to the hiring manager of the specific area. For example, the three names put forward for activities coordinator will interview with Activities Director Graesser. The last step in the process is for the hiring manager to give the name of who they think is best for the position to the Senate, who will either vote the person in or not.

BSG attempted to hire a new senator at the end of last semester, Jack Merritt, who worked previously as a senator for BSG, but he did not pass through the Senate.  

Petitions for elected positions for next year were able to be taken out starting on February 1. These include president, vice president, treasurer and senators.

As for other important business, Demskie reported having met multiple times at the end of last semester to continue to work with Regional Transit Service (RTS). These meetings included a committee with College Communications, members of the community and employees at RTS.

“They proposed a bunch of different solutions and possible ideas on what’s to come, and there should be a meeting coming up at the end of this month, early March,” Demskie said. “Hopefully [we will] pick up on that again soon.”

BSG is also conducting a small raffle in conjunction with its new ECHO site, in an effort to get more participation. Throughout the month of February, any student that submits a petition using their netID is entered to win a prize.

Over break, BSG also submitted a bid for a spring concert artist. According to Mathews, the student government is very excited about their choice. For those with friends in BSG, expect them to stay tight lipped. When signing a contract with any artist who performs at the college, they must also sign a release statement which determines when the information is allowed to be released.

“If word gets out that our students know who our performer is before the release date specified in our contract, then we can potentially lose that artist,” Mathews said. “So people would be very upset with us if all of a sudden we don’t have a spring concert because somebody had spilled the beans beforehand.”

Something new for BSG was the release of a mid-year report during the week of February 4, including details on different aspects of the student government. Mathews is hoping that with its release, students will gain a better understanding of what exactly BSG does.

“A lot of people don’t see what BSG does day-to-day, but we do a lot of work behind the scenes with our committees we serve on, with the advocacy efforts,” Mathews said. “People see a lot of the big events and they see us around campus, but they don’t really pull everything together. So I think that this document will be a really great way for students, in brief, to see what BSG’s really big accomplishments this year were. I’m really proud of everything we’ve done, and I think a lot of students will have really great take away with that.”

Part of the mid-year report included listing a few different initiatives BSG took part in during the fall semester. This included restructuring the Advocacy Department within the student government, presenting on the importance of scholarships to the Foundation Board of Directors and developing a process in conjunction with the Office of Diversity and Brockport Auxillary Service Corp. so students can get their preferred names on their ID cards as opposed to their legal name.

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