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"Seasons" American Authors

by Catherine Mattis - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Feb 5th 2019 04:30 pm

American Authors tested its boundaries in its third album titled “Seasons.” The album starts off with two songs titled “Neighborhood” and “Say Amen.” Both of the songs follow the beat and style of its most popular hit “Best Day of My Life” from the band’s first album “Oh, What a Life.”

“Calm Me Down” is the turning point of the album, setting more of a slow and emotional mood, compelling you to feel what lead vocalist Zac Barnett is feeling. One song later, “Stay Around” picks up the pace of the album. 

Songs were placed strategically throughout  to create a more cohesive story, connecting the songs so it doesn’t feel like listeners are just listening to a group of songs. Experiences talked about in “Seasons” were relatable and easy to resonate with for anyone that listens to the album. 

The track titled “Can’t Stop Me Now” sounds like a poor attempt at imitating the legendary band Queen. I don’t mean that in a bad way, unless the band’s goal was to imitate Queen, because in that case it would be a terrible attempt. The song started with a group of people singing “ohhh, you can’t stop me nowww,” which compels many people that listen to sing along.

The best song off the album was “Deep Water” because it’s a substantial change from American Authors’ typical pop and up beat sound. This is arguably its best album to date because of how much it displays the group’s range. Above that, the message in “Deep Water” is a message that many people can relate to. 

The album was exceptional and the most shocking revelation from my point of view is how versatile American Authors can be with music. Slower songs like “Real Places,” “Deep Water” and “Calm Me Down” touch on the idea of needing someone there to help you get through tough times. Other songs on the album like “I Wanna Go Out” and “Bring It On Home,” are better songs to listen to when jamming out in the car or when trying to get the day started.

The way the album switched between different tempo songs shows that American Authors is a well-rounded group that can tackle different styles. This album was a good way to build on the sound already created for the band and it should make enough of a splash to keep American Authors around for a while. 

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