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WYW fashion club brings "Love and Lust" to Brockport

by Bridgette Babb - Copy Editor
Tue, Feb 5th 2019 04:00 pm

Excitement and anticipation surges through the air as the Walk Your Way Fashion Club (WYW) prepares to host its first event of the semester, “Love and Lust.” The event is based around the idea of Valentine’s Day and romance, with a sweet and sultry twist. Secretary Imani Coaxum was able to give a bit of insight on what is to be expected for the occasion.

“We have never done a lovey-dovey based event, so the whole E-board is anxious to see how it will actually turnout,” Coaxum said. “We are known for killing fashion shows and ‘Brockport’s Next Top Model,’ but I don’t think the campus is ready for this from us at all.”

According to Coaxum, rehearsals started in November of last semester. While some students were shy and awkward at first, she applauded the remaining participants for overcoming their fears of portraying any type of sensuality in front of a crowd.

 “I’m not gonna lie, if you saw some of them in the beginning, you would think they were an entirely different individual now,” Coaxum said.

Most of the students taking part in the show shared the same opinion of growth in their confidence. Senior Aaron Brown has participated in multiple events for the club and attributed his third place win in Brockport’s Next Top Model to the friendly atmosphere of the club. 

“In the beginning I used to be so worried when I would make a mistake during one of my walks and not do as well as I wanted to,” Brown said. “Being surrounded by those who don’t judge me allowed me to find the confidence within.”

Brown understood that in order to grow on the runway, he had to be uncomfortable.

“My walk and attitude in the upcoming show is elevated to how I was in the past,” he said. “This show is going to be fire, stay tuned and get your tickets.”

Deja Baxter, a junior at the college, decided to switch it up this time around. Instead of blessing the masses with her angelic voice, she opted to do something that terrifies her greatly: walking in heels in front of an audience.

“I decided to let my hair down and branch out,” Baxter said. “I was very scared at first but now I know I’m going to kill it on the runway.”

The show is expected to have a variety of segments, with each model portraying a different side of love. Not only will there be models strutting the runway, but interactive segments, live performances and raffles will be present. There have even been rumors of a possible body painted portion. Coaxum urges students to get their tickets before they are sold out.

“We have posters in every building on campus and the event is getting a lot of attraction, so it would be best for people to get tickets as soon as possible,” Coaxum said. 

“Love and Lust” takes place on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m, but doors will open at 6 p.m. Tickets are $2 for students and $4 for outside guests. For more information, follow the club on myBROCKPORT or follow its Instagram 

page @wywfashionclub.


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