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Brockport student "creates" inspiring event for community

by Maraget Stewart - Copy Editor
Tue, Feb 5th 2019 04:00 pm

In today’s age of social media, documenting life through pictures and hashtags has become the norm. Pages that feature collaborating creative people and their art tend to draw attention due to their unique nature. It was a page like this that grabbed the attention of Vincent Croce, President of the Photography Club on the campus of The College at Brockport, and inspired him to found #585create.

Like many photographers and editors, Croce is mainly self-taught.

 “I started in 7th grade by taking s****y photos with my dad’s old digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera,” Croce said. “In 10th grade I had an iPhone and shot with its camera. Eventually, I learned to design with Photoshop and saved up to buy my own DSLR.”

As opposed to photographic film, this camera takes digital photos, making it the go-to for self-taught photographers like Croce. 

Kieran Kropidlowski, a current aspiring photographer and student at the college, had a similar start on the journey.

 “I started taking pictures, when I was 13, out of curiosity,” Kropidlowski said. “But everything from age 13 until now has been self-taught.” 

#585create is going to be a conglomeration of Rochester based creatives getting together and creating art. 

“I’d imagine mostly college students would participate,” Croce said. “Students from the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, St. John Fischer…all photographers and any sort of models, people who want photos taken roaming around Rochester. Videographers and stylists to dress models. We could feature people with clothing lines, Rochester based photographers and models.”

Why Rochester, you may ask? Croce explained how he came up with the idea. 

“I went to visit Philidalphia with my girlfriend and that’s how I found out about Philly Create,”   Croce said. “I didn’t want to drive to Philly every time and why not here? It is an incredible way to network with people in this area.”

Croce explained that meeting up with other locals can be limited.

“There’s not a lot of opportunity to network for photographers,” Croce said. “You could use the “Meet Up” app but it isn’t really conducive for photographers.” 

Kropidlowski agreed and said many photographers aren’t known and can be too busy  at times.

 “It’d be nice to open the eyes of the city of Rochester,” Kropidlowski said.

Kelly Smith, a senior at The College at Brockport, mainly learned photography from her father. In addition to interacting in an incredible networking experience Smith would, “love to meet up with other photographers in order to see things in a different perspective through the lens of a camera.”

Photography is a medium that seems to have gained more recognition and admiration since 2010, when the social media application, Instagram, was conceived. 

“It is fun to tell a story through a photo,” Croce said in regards to the social media phenomenon. “In both landscape or profile, it’s about the one moment you capture and the emotions it communicates.”

Though  they are inspired by the art form, Croce, Kropidlowski and Smith aren’t looking to turn photography into their career.

“I see it as a kind of a hobby or recreational thing,” Kropidlowski said. “It’s something to do on the side and it keeps me positive.”

It’s not an uncommon feeling in the field. Many are hesitant to turn a hobby like this into a full-time career for fear of the pressures of work ruining something they love.  

“If I could do photography professionally, I would work for National Geographic,” Croce said. “I’d want to report on urban life and its effects.”

The main draw will be the sense of community this project will bring to local artists.

 “I hope to meet new people and learn new tips and tricks in order to learn new skills,” Smith states.

For any one interested in joining, Kropidlowski urged them to do it. “Don’t be afraid to put your work out there,” Kropidlowski said.

 The first meeting will be sometime in  April. Be on the lookout for a promotional flyer with the time, date and location of the meet up.


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