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BSG Paint and Sip brings color to campus

by Brianna Bush - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Feb 5th 2019 04:00 pm
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On Saturday, Feb. 2, joyous laughter and music could be heard through the halls of the Seymour College Union. Upon entering the Fireside Lounge, it was clear that The College at Brockport had an event going on. The event that had drawn the attention of many students was the Brockport Student Government (BSG) sponsored Paint and Sip, featuring student artist Jessica Szanto, who acted as the instructor.

BSG activities coordinators Pamela Fenton and Meghan Ritter were in charge of running the fun, artistic event. BSG has done multiple Paint and Sip events previous to Saturday. During the fall semester of 2018 the event was held during Welcome Week. 

With events like the Paint and Sip, everyone can enjoy each others company and get to know one another.

“It’s great getting to interact with the people of Brockport and get them excited about student government,” Ritter said. “I get to show them what BSG has to offer and what the campus has to offer, making this is a great way to do that.”

This time around, instead of having a nice cool cup of juice, BSG offered hot chocolate to the students who attended the event, as well as cookies. BSG also provided the painting supplies and canvases for the students. 

Once Ritter and Fenton had everything set up for the students that had arrived, they called people up in groups of five to avoid any kind of cluster at the table holding all the supplies. After everyone had all their supplies, Szanto introduced herself and let everyone know that she would be leading them in painting the northern lights with mountains.

Szanto let everyone know they did not have to follow what she was doing and that they could paint free of bounderies if they wanted to.

 Most of the participants followed along with her as she went through her painting, while some of the others painted their own ideas onto the canvas. The students who opted not to follow Szanto created simple paintings with fading colors or floral-type designs on the canvases.

Those who followed Szanto did so by starting with a black base to outline the mountains and a backdrop for the sky. As the night went on people enjoyed the stress free environment and just painted freely. After Szanto finished with her outline and base she moved on to the color of the northern lights in the sky.

She described her painting as a Bob Ross style of painting, but she said it would be easy for everyone to follow along with her. She combined a variety of colors to create the illusion of the northern lights. After that, she started to add small details to her painting, like trees and star-like spots. 

During the event, many people had to return to the supplies table to replenish their paints and make sure they had the correct brush for the part they were painting. BSG was well prepared for this event and had excess of all materials for the students that had shown up for it.

This event is always a favorite for the student body. Whether they have an art background or not, they can all have fun painting while enjoying the assortment of beverages and snacks. The event itself had a good turn out and BSG will most likely have more Paint and Sips in the semesters to come.

BSG looks to use events like this one to connect to the students on the campus and allow them to stay informed about what goes on during the semester.

“There is a lot more opportunity to connect with an event like this,” Fenton said. “It involves more sitting and talk.”

BSG also offers many events throughout the week that are usually held during the day, and save bigger events for Fridays and Saturdays. Some of the events that students should look out for throughout the year include Spring Fest, Eagle Day, Silent Disco and many more. BSG will also be holding a Valentine’s and Anti-Valentine’s Day event in the upcoming weeks. 

“The [Anti-Valentine’s Day event] is not a bummer, it’s not like love sucks, it’s like ‘hey friendship is cool,’” Ritter said.

For more information on what BSG does and what they have to offer, students are welcome to follow all of its social media to get daily updates about events and activities. Students can also visit myBROCKPORT.


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