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90's Vintage clothing makes major comback

by Christopher Suarez - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Feb 5th 2019 04:00 pm
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Fashion, to some, is just throwing on clothes and not really caring much about what they wear. Fashion to others, however, is a form of expression where you are able to show who you are through your style. The uniqueness of one’s sense of style is what makes the fashion business a multibillion dollar industry and continues to grow every day. In order for one to express themselves through fashion, a person has to find the right stores where they are able to connect with the brand and buy clothes that represent their own personality. 

These stores may be hard to find because there is such a vast array of options to choose from. There are the high-end brands that have exotic looking clothes but hurt your pockets at the same time. Then there are middle-class brands that offer good clothing at not such a high price. Then there are low-end streetwear brands whose materials may be not as good, but the creativity, cheapness and delivery is effective. But then there are stores that offer vintage clothing items that were in style years ago. 

These vintage shops, or “thrift shops,” are now a major trend amongst younger audiences. People with ages ranging from 16 to 25 are now finding 1990’s vintage clothing as the new trend. The youth are purchasing vintage clothing at such a high volume that vintage shops are popping up everywhere across the country at a staggering rate. 

The biggest advantage of these vintage and thrift shops are the low prices. For under $100, someone can go into one of the shops and get themselves some nice pieces of clothing. Compare that to other stores like Banana Republic, where $100 can’t get you a plain white t-shirt. For college students with a low-budget, like myself, vintage shops are the best places to go.

Like other styles of clothing, it can be an acquired taste. For those who prefer the simplicity of fashion, this may not be for you. Vintage clothing is typically brightly colored with exotic designs that, for some, may seem too outlandish. But for others, it’s the bright colors and patterns that catch one’s eye the most.

Many people wonder why thrift shops are thriving the way that they do. The reason behind their success is the unappreciated fashion trends of the 90s. During the 90s, the internet was still blossoming and there were no web pages to go on and shop for clothes. Social media wasn’t even thought of at the time to exchange fashion trends on and many fashion trends never got the exposure they rightfully deserved. Certain fashion styles took over the market and did not allow for any of these other trends to catch fire. Trends like ripped jeans and bucket hats were sometimes underappreciated because of snapbacks and cargo pants. 

The sneaker industry was pretty much one sided in the 90s. Brands like Fila, Skechers and Reebok were dominated by Air Jordan. Air Jordans took over the sneaker industry in more ways than one. This is why, in every vintage shop, Michael Jordan sneakers and apparel are still such a hot commodity. 

Vintage shops provide something that other stores cannot, which are throwback jerseys. Jerseys, even today, are top sellers for any sport. For crazed sports fans who do not want to let go of former designs from their team’s jerseys, vintage shops are the place to go. You will find rare throwback basketball, football, hockey, baseball and soccer jerseys in almost all vintage shops. Let’s be honest, the jerseys of today’s teams  seem dull in comparison to the jerseys of the past. 

The second highest commodity in vintage shops are starter jackets. Behind Air Jordans, the most sought out fashion trend in the 90s are starter jackets. Starter jackets are sleek satin jackets that athletes used to wear, now being sold for less than half the price. 

For those who may feel like vintage shops are something they want to experiment with, there are plenty of stores you can start at. Stores like Mr. ThrowbackNYC, Deep Cover, L Train Vintage, Select Vintage, Generation Cool and The Vintage Plug are all great places to shop at. Each shop will provide you with affordable prices and a vast array of throwback clothing. Some of the stores do not have an online website available to shop on, but all can be found on Instagram where you are able to place your orders through the site. 


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