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Celebrating Christmas the "wizarding way"

by Courtney Deeren
Wed, Dec 5th 2018 01:00 pm
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Entering the Seymour College Union on Friday, Dec. 1, you could hear music blasting down most of the hallways. If you followed the music to the Union Ballroom West, you would find a dimly lit room with students in various attire dancing and playing games. 

There was a host of food spread out across several tables, and even a cookie decorating station. Students were gathered here to celebrate Yule Ball, an event hosted by The College at Brockport club, Dumbledore’s Army. 

Club President, Mikayla Heiss greeted people at the door.

“To be honest, I was expecting more people,” Heiss said, “we usually get more people after 9 though.” After pointing out the other officers and welcoming me to the food Heiss made her way to a group of students who were playing Clue.

Many students were gathered at one table playing cards and talking about what Hogwarts house they belonged to. Each table had something different, whether it was cards, board games or puzzles there was something for everyone. 

More people started showing up and taking advantage of the cookie decorating, which seemed to be a  big hit. The music shifted from Holiday songs to more of an 80s pop theme, at which point more students were inclined to join those on the dancefloor. 

When the song “The Time of My Life” from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack came on many of those on the dancefloor tried to recreate the iconic scene. But that was nothing compared to the amount of people who stormed the dancefloor  when “Cotton Eye Joe” came on. 

Before long Brockport’s Swing Dance Society showed up to give a demonstration. Bayli Schlierf gave the demonstration of an East Coast swing. First the group was split into leaders and followers and taught the basic step, the rock step. 

“It’s a 6 count dance” Schlierf informed students “we want to start out in this open position,” Schlierf and partner Ethan Young demonstrated. 

After pairing the leaders and followers up Schlierf asked the important question; “Do you want to try that with music or learn some moves?” It was unanimous, the group wanted to learn some moves. So Schlierf and Young began teaching the group some moves to do with the basic steps. The first was a spin. 

While demonstrating the spin Schlierf showed the leaders how to lift their arm in signal to the follower. “When you put your hand up it’s a signal to your follower ‘hey, I’m going to do something weird.” After the moves were taught some music came on so students could practice their newly learned dance. Swing dance society stayed for a little while, dancing alongside other attendees. 

Club President, Sophie Nash, wrote that this event “is always a super exciting collaboration. We will be teaching a mini-lesson on East Coast swing, which is one of the styles we do.” Swing Dance Society has attended and taught at Yule ball for many years. 

After Swing Dance Society left, the remaining students cranked up the music and busted out their dance moves. The event was set to go until 10 p.m. but many students were still dancing and enjoying the music well past 10 p.m. 

Anyone interested in seeing other events held by Dumbledore’s army can find them on myBrockport. Those interested in learning more about swing dance can also visit their page on mybrockport. 


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