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"The Holiday Calendar" Netflix

by Bridgette Babb - Copy Editor
Wed, Dec 5th 2018 01:00 pm

I am a sucker for sappy, corny Christmas movies, with this one falling right in line. If you’ve ever seen “Brotherly Love,” then you’ll understand how happy I was to see Quincy Brown playing a nice guy for once.

The movie begins with the audience meeting Abby Sutton, played by Kat Graham. She seems to be absolutely miserable in her 9-5 as a holiday photographer. Her family makes her feel even worse every time she goes home by constantly asking if she needs money or if she would like to work for the family law firm. Her best friend, Josh Barton, played by Brown, came back from traveling all over the world, taking photos and meeting new people. He encouraged her to follow her dreams, to take the kind of photos she wanted to take, but she was stubborn and scared.

On a visit to her parents house to take the annual family photo, her grandfather, affectionately known as “Gramps,” played by Ron Cephas Jones, gifts her with an advent calendar. Abby is puzzled at first, because everyone else in the family, starting with her sister, was much more organized than herself. Gramps insists her late grandmother wanted her and only her to have it. She took the calendar home and doesn’t give it another thought after trying to open it multiple times.

When she awoke the morning after, she was a little taken aback when the calendar opened, signifying the first day of Christmas Season. It held a pair of black boots. Before going on to work, she met up with Josh, who gifted her with a pair of stylish black boots he got when traveling in Italy.

The second day the calendar opened up to reveal a Christmas tree. She went about her day at her miserable job, which was only a tad bit better with Josh and another friend Fernando working with her. On her drive home, an incoming car made a turn and the driver’s Christmas tree fell in front of hers, almost causing a crash. The driver Ty, played by Ethan Peck, apologized. 

The next day the calendar gifted her with a nutcracker. When she attended her niece’s dance recital later that day, she saw Ty who was there to support his daughter, who is dressed as the nutcracker. Day four presented a candy cane. When she went to work, an oversized candy cane fell on her. She visited the clinic and Ty just happened to be the doctor. 

At this point Abbey began to believe the calendar was magic, predicting her future before it happened. She was happy with it, though, because it brought Ty into her life. The two began to date and everyday she continued to receive things from the calendar. Over time she realized that while Ty showered her with elaborate gifts, they didn’t really know anything about each other, which caused them to break up. It wouldn’t be a sappy movie if the good guy didn’t get the girl and in this case, Abby realized that Josh was the one for her the whole time. 

This movie was really great, giving me full Hallmark feels. I hope to see more from the two in the future. 

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