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"The Princess Switch" Netflix

by Bridgette Babb - Copy Editor
Fri, Nov 30th 2018 02:00 pm

Netflix tends to have really cliche Christmas movies, but “The Princess Switch” was really beautiful. The general plot and idea of the movie has been done in films like “ The Princess and the Pauper,” but the Christmas setting to the movie added to its magic. 

The film begins with the audience being introduced to Stacey, played by Vanessa Hudgens. She is an up and coming baker who has just got out of a long, three year relationship. Stacy is a woman who goes about her day in a safe manner and never dares to live adventurously. But, seeing her ex move on and from the push of her partner Kevin, she travels to Belvaria to enter a baking competition.

The plot thickens when Stacy is doing preparations on set. She bumps into someone, shocked that the person looks exactly like her. Margaret, also played by Vanessa Hudgens, Duchess of Montanaro is days away from marrying Edward, the prince of Belvaria. She longs to know what it feels like to be a “normal girl,” coming up with the idea for the two to switch places for a few days. Stacey agrees in order to score Kevin’s daughter Olivia a ballet summer program spot.

Those surrounding the two could tell that there was a change, but brushed it off as Christmas cheer. Margaret spends time with Kevin and Olivia, doing silly spontaneous things, such as throwing out the strict list and seeing the sights. Olivia immediately knows it is not Stacy when Margaret burns breakfast and messes up their secret handshake. Luckily the girl can keep a secret. Kevin has always had a thing for Stacy, but felt she was too “stiff” for his taste. Feelings begin to rekindle when he sees this new side, when truth be told it is a whole different person.

Stacy on the other hand makes a significant change in Edward’s life in the two days they are acquainted with each other. It is crazy to think that Edward and Margaret had only met a few times, but were about to be married for life. Men are expected to handle all the affairs and women do the stereotypical things, such as shopping. With Stacy, however, he sees a spark he adores. 

Her constant awkwardness and the way she cares for people, helps him open up to a new side to himself. She insisted Edward got to know the people in the organizations the royal family had, even going far as buying tons of gifts for kids at a shelter. Stacy finds that Edward and herself have a lot more in common, down to writing lists.

One would think things would get complicated with the two girls falling in love with the two men, but in reality it ended up working fine because the two men felt the same. The ending was super corny with everyone falling in love, but I liked it because it would never happen in real life.

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