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Tower to introduce "Prelude to a Kiss"

by Shelby Toth - News Editor
Fri, Nov 30th 2018 02:00 pm

Theatre-goers will find themselves falling in love all over again with the second play of the 2018-2019 Fine Arts series at The College at Brockport, “Prelude to a Kiss.” “Prelude to a Kiss” opens Friday, Nov. 30 and will bring a mix of comedy and love-sick sappiness to the stressful few weeks that students typically find themselves dealing with as the semester comes to a close.

The play is reminiscent of the movie “Freaky Friday” and was originally created around the same time as the original “Freaky Friday.” The plot revolves around a young couple, Peter and Rita, who fall in love. At their wedding, an unknown old man shows up and asks to kiss the bride on the cheek. When he kisses her, the two switch souls. What follows is a journey to return the two souls back to their respective bodies.

Audience members will be treated to a love story that might have them thinking back to their own, according to director Ruth Childs.

“The love story is lovely, so I think if you’ve fallen in love, or if you’ve been in a relationship like that, you can definitely relate to that,” Childs said.

The actor who plays Peter, Steve Kurdziolek, has felt that nostalgia himself while performing in the play.

“My favorite part is all the falling in love scenes,” Kurdziolek said. “That is the easiest to relate to my life, because I just imagine that it’s my girlfriend… I’m reliving when we first got together.”

Kurdziolek’s character is also one people might find themselves relating to as he did. Peter is “awkward” and “stutters a lot,” but progresses and matures a lot throughout the play, according to Kurdziolek.

As for Rita, played by Ali Henderson, people in the audience might find themselves wishing they had more in common with her than her significant other.

“I think Rita is the girl a lot of girls strive to be, confident, a little sexy, funny but down to earth,” Henderson said. “As optimistic as she is throughout the show, she also has this dark side to her that really questions the world and whether life is really worth all the pain, and chaos a person goes through or not.”

Besides the love stories and characters, older viewers will have their own ways of relating to the play.

“Now that I’m older I can also relate to some of the older characters in the play,” Childs said. “Where you look back on certain moments in your life or you have this feeling that time is passing too quickly and you want to hang on to things or not, not necessarily regretting things from the past, but wishing you could go back and relive something, now that you’ve got a bit more experience.”

As Childs explained, the play is very “human,” which allows accessibility for people of all ages watching it. Like most plays at Brockport, it owes itself to the dedicated students and faculty who help create it and bring it to life on Tower Fine Art’s stage. From intricate projection, sound and light design, run crew and stage management, the Brockport theatre community works together to make the best show they can.

“I always love just working with the students in this really creative way,” Childs said. “It’s just a really cool part of my job to be able to work on these productions and build a play together and help create an ensemble and we certainly have that in this show... You know there’s a whole village of people working on this show.”

Judging from the level of understanding the audience will feel with the play, it should shape up to be entertaining. Kurdziolek explained that anyone seeing the show should expect to be taken on a wild ride.

“Be ready for some weird parts,” Kurdziolek said. “There’s some comedy in parts where you don’t expect it and I feel like that’s always nice because it gives you a little bit of release form the tension of the scene. It’s like an emotional roller-coaster, the whole play.”

With the message of “how love has to overcome all the chaos life can sometimes bring,” as described by Henderson, “Prelude to a Kiss” will bring the fall semester to a close. The play runs from November 30 to December 2 and December 6 to 8 and tickets range from $9 to $17 and can be bought either at Tower Fine Arts Box Office or online at fineartstix.brockport.edu.


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