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Michelle Obama's "Becoming" belittles Trump

by Carson Werner - Sports Editor
Tue, Nov 27th 2018 10:00 pm
Forever first lady Former first lady Michelle Obama's new book `Becoming` tells details of her and her families time at the White House, Trump's presidency and struggles she's faced since her husband's inauguration.
Forever first lady Former first lady Michelle Obama's new book "Becoming" tells details of her and her families time at the White House, Trump's presidency and struggles she's faced since her husband's inauguration.

When in office, a president is usually accompanied by their first lady who is in charge of the ceremonial duties in the White House.

The highly appreciated, former first lady, Michelle Obama released her autobiography, “Becoming,” last Tuesday, Nov. 13, selling 1.4 million copies its the debut week.

Her eight year presence, along with Barack’s, were pivotal for the country as the two became household names through their interactions with American society. Yet, with “Becoming” she gave her insight to what actually happened behind the national and political pressure the two endured. Some of it, coming directly from the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him,” Obama wrote, according to CNBC.

The birther conspiracies that questioned Barack Obama’s citizenship were pushed by Trump in 2011, even though he had no public involvement with politics at the time.

In response to Obama’s release of his short-form certification of live birth, Trump requested a full certificate because of his lack of trust in the document, refueling the birther conspiracies. However, Trump wasn’t the first one to propose the idea.

Illinois perennial candidate, Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona (Andy Martin), was the first to label Obama as a Muslim and question his nationality in 2004. Once Obama began to run for President in 2008, anti-Obama-supporters used the lack of his birth certificate as a malicious argument against his efforts.

Racism was undoubtedly one of the biggest factors against Obama’s campaigns, which Michelle and Barack knew would be a problem from the start. In fact, Obama was assigned Secret Service protection in 2007 during his first campaign because of the growing fear that his running would create an intense reaction.

Becoming the first black president in a nation that passed its Civil Rights Act only 44 years before is intimidating and the caution taken towards his presidency was well justified.

Despite the racial and political tension that seemed to create a divide in the country, Obama received the same amount of threats as any other President in the past decade.

According to the Secret Service in USA Today, the President averages about six to eight threats a day, no matter who the officeholder is. The numbers are almost identical for Trump as well.

Michelle Obama exerted her anger with Trump because her fears regarding her family’s safety could’ve been easily avoided. The birther conspiracies were on the edge of extinction until Trump revived them at the end of Obama’s first term.

In “Becoming,” she referred to Trump’s actions as, “crazy and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed,” and, “dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks.”

Trump’s response to Obama’s writings was that she “got paid a lot of money to write that book and they always expect a little controversy,” according to USA Today. President Trump seems to always have a snide remark.

“I’ll give you a little controversy back. I’ll never forgive [President Barack Obama] for what he did to our U.S. military. It was depleted and I had to fix it. What he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you,” Trump said.

To Michelle’s relief, the spotlight is no longer on her family and she no longer has to worry about the paranoia of staying at the White House.

Behind Michelle Obama’s accomplishments as a first lady, an activist and a lawyer, her true values lie within her family.

With calling out the current President in “Becoming,” Michelle shows that her role as a mother will stand as a priority no matter what position she’s put into.

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