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Making "IT" in the professional world

by Bridgette Babb - Copy Editor
Thu, Nov 8th 2018 07:00 pm

The world of science and computers can be confusing for some while others seem to flourish in the field. On Friday, Nov. 9, the Computer Science Club will be holding the event, “My life as an IT specialist,” inviting everyone to come out and hear what the information technology field is really like and entails. 

Brockport alumnus Matt Panebianco will be returning to speak to those in attendance about his life as an IT technician. He plans on giving interview tips, along with sharing the transition from college into the working world. Panebianco had a double major in computer information systems and marketing with a minor in computer science while attending the college as an undergraduate. Club advisor and Chair of the Computing Sciences department Sandeep Mirta wrote in an email that Panebianco was a great choice to show current students that they can make it too. 

“Matt was a team leader in several major class team projects during his time at Brockport, dealing with many challenging team situations, and ultimately delivering superior results, in each of his teams,” Mirta wrote. 

Panebianco also somehow found time to be a student athlete, excelling on the Brockport swim team. As a result of his accomplishments at Brockport, Matt received a job offer from Paychex, which is one of the largest IT employers in this area well before graduation. 

He is currently a Marketing Web Developer at Paychex, and his accomplishments there have enabled him to rise to the role of a team leader, just three years after graduation. 

This is not the first time that Panebianco has spoken at the college. In Mirta’s three years as advisor, they have held countless talks with not only Panebianco, but other alumni in the department as well.

President of the club James Finn said he finds it extremely important to have speakers in the field, visit the college to encourage students to know they are on the right path, if computing is the science field they love. 

“Instead of making the club about study sessions or something similar, we wanted to provide our members with things they don't teach in classes,” Finn said. “We feel that talks such as this help the students' transition to the professional world not seem so daunting.” 

This talk will feature Panebianco discussing his transition from school to the professional field, what his job entails, what the experience was like, what resources he found useful.

Along with having multiple alumni come back to speak, the group also holds other events such as tours to potential job locations like the Excellus data center. The club also does mock coding interviews, working through example questions together to give members a sense of what employers are looking for when they ask employees and to help break down questions and build up the answers.

Finn said students should expect real answers about the profession Panebianco is in and they should have an open mind during the talk. 


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