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Netflix bingers test knowledge with BSG trivia night

by Brianna Bush - Lifestyles Editor
Thu, Nov 8th 2018 07:00 pm

On Saturday, Nov. 3 at 9 p.m. The Brockport Student Government (BSG) held a Netflix Trivia Night at the Seymour College Union Gallery. Though the tables were not all occupied, the turnout was fairly high. There were groups of students that attended, many of the groups were working together to get the right answers.

BSG Activities Coordinator, Meghan Ritter created a Kahoot game with 179 questions for the participants to answer. All of the questions were based on the television streaming service, Netflix.

In order to play, each student was required to get a pin number from BSG Activities Coordinator, Pamela Fenton. If they arrived to the event on time, they could have gotten the pin from the board.

The categories were all different shows and the questions varied from: how many seasons the show had, to small details like what a character did in a certain episode. During the game many of the students had casual conversations to keep things light hearted. 

Though it was a casual game, BSG did provide prizes for those who came in at the top five places. Those prizes included, a plush dinosaur, Starbucks gift cards, candy, Brockport t- shirts, blankets, window stickers and magnets. 

BSG allowed the winners to pick what prizes they wanted in the order they won. Ritter said it was different than the previous prize motivated games like Grocery BINGO, where they had prizes specific to each game. 

“We try to make events that people will want to come to and most people are in their dorm rooms anyway, binge watching Netflix,” Ritter said.

The event was great for those who came, the atmosphere was very happy and a little competitive.   

Some shows the game included were “Shameless,” “Criminal Minds,” “Big Mouth,” “Greys Anatomy,” “Sherlock,” “13 Reasons Why,” “Black Mirror,” “Riverdale” and “The Office” among others to fill up the 179 questions Ritter had provided. 

Dedicated bingers got a little rowdy over some of the questions, because some of the answers had false information. In the midst of the game during the category based on the show “Dexter,” a question had a spelling error. The question read; “What id Dexter’s Occupation?”

There were other mishaps involving the answers of the questions. Regarding the show “Criminal Minds,” One question asked who was the youngest member of the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), the answers, included “Spencer and Reid” as two separate answers when they are the same person.

When the game came to questions on the show, “The Office” everyone in the Gallery got excited and were ready for the questions. During the break in between the questions people discussed the answers of the previous question and the relations to the show.

The players raced to have their names be shown in the top five in order to win a prize. When it neared the end they raced to pick their answer first in hopes of getting more points. 

“I thought this was going to be easier, I honestly wish I watched more [TV],” fifth place winner, Lindsey Madison said. “I haven’t seen half the shows that they had up there.”

Madison had help from a friend that showed up later in the event and like the duo who won first place, they worked together later in the competition. 

For those who do not know how Kahoot works, it is a web game where people can use their cell phones to answer questions that are shown on a bigger, main screen, that is most of the time projected for many to view. Before any of this, there is a code that is shown on the screen, which is used to enter the game.

Each question has up to four answers that were in different colors that correspond with the colors displayed on the cell phone. Depending on how fast you answer the question, you are awarded up to 1000 points, but this all depends on the speed of how quickly you answer the question correctly.

After everyone answered the questions there was a chart displayed that shows how many people picked one answer, after that chart it gives the rankings of each person and the name that they selected.

Kahoot is very popular in the school setting especially high school and lower level learning, it can be used as a great study technique as well.

BSG plans to do more events like this in the future, to learn more about these events you can visit myBROCKPORT or visit the BSG Activities office for more information.


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